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Broadcast: PriceCheckIndia, a startup from India made it their goal to help make shopping effortless for common people, specially while purchasing big ticket items and is a shopping comparison portal, changing the way we shop.

Tête-à-tête with Punit, the Co-Founder of PriceCheckIndia

Idea and Vision

PriceCheckIndia has been started with the goal to help make shopping effortless for common people, specially while purchasing big ticket items. We developed PriceCheckIndia to help shoppers by providing a one-stop E-shop for price comparison. We believe in thorough comparison in order to provide complete confidence to the consumers, that’s why we retrieve prices from top 15 online stores. Prices combined with deals/offers enable consumers to be able to truly compare the store offerings. As stated in our mission statement, PriceCheckIndia is bound to get you the best deal online.

We also aim to assist the shoppers in their research process. So if you are looking for an Android mobile phone which has full qwerty keyboard along with GPS and Wifi capabilities, you just search for “Qwerty + Android + GPS + Wifi”. Similarly search for “HD Video + DSLR” if you want a DSLR camera with HD Video. Shoppers can type in whatever features they want and our smart search will present them with the most relevant products with the best available deals.

What is your start-up story? Where did you get funding from?

PriceCheckIndia has been engendered by two IIT grads. We have been bootstrapping for now, our funding requirement has been low so far and hence we have been able to manage the finances very well.

What is your target market? What is your revenue earning plan or model? What’s cooking for enhancing user engagement?

Our target market is youth consumer group/generation next interested in shopping (or at least researching) online. We believe in simplicity and want to provide solutions which are simple and very easy to follow for common people.

PriceCheckIndia also facilitates user reviews and question-answer sections for those researching. You should clear all your doubts before purchasing a product by asking questions on product page. This collaborative community knowledge base just gets better with time. We already see some genuine questions coming in on a daily basis and get answered within hours. Last but not the least PriceCheckIndia also provides store reviews and ratings by fellow shoppers. We believe such a shopping comparison portal can be a game changer in how we shop.

Team is the bloodline of a startup. What’s your take?

We are a small team and are currently looking for right people to sign up with. Both of the co-founders are graduates from IITs. Punit has around 7 years of experience as a senior manager in a technology start-up in US. Mid 2011, he decided to move back to India to pursue PriceCheckIndia full time. Rahul brings together vast amount of experience in design and development. He is an avid programmer who loves challenges in technology and likes to control the bull by its horns.

Any ideas you want to share from your startup briefcase?

Biggest lesson we have learned so far is that people want quality! If you can focus on quality, you will have no difficulty in winning people’s business and that is what we are focused on.

Another lesson is finding the right set of people to build your core team. We are adamant upon hiring only quality personnel for our team as we believe in delivering quality and its only possible when you have top-notch people working with you.

How do you think PriceCheckIndia is adding value to the startup eco-system?

We have come across so many similar sounding stories where people purchased mobiles, TVs after spending copious amount of time researching and still ended up paying a lot more than the real price. Crux of the situation is that its very laborious process to conduct comparisons of various stores and find the best deal and that is the fundamental premise of our product. We launched our product in the current quarter and our already exponentially increasing traffic testifies the assistance we are able to provide to the shoppers which is fortifying for us as well.

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