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Berlin startups

It is interesting to know that Berlin is not even one of the great capitals unlike Paris, LA, NYC, London. Berlin does not even have a large sized airport which is one of the factors that marks the importance of a city. However Berlin has turned out to be non-German with a number of startups emerging out of the landscape in 2011.

Known for aesthetic taste and innovative concepts, Berlin is a home to the next generation ideas. We have seen successful startups such as Soundcloud and Wooga.

Startups from Berlin:


SoundCloud is a well known social sound platform that allows people to compose tunes and also share them. SoundCloud offers an amazing interface and lets users record as well as upload tunes and share them on the social web. SounDcloud is also on iPhone and Android apps. So no matter where you are, you can always stay musical. is an app on your smartphone where you can play and listen to real time music. The application enable users to listen, search, broadcast and share music on the same platform, making the overall music experience quite an exciting one.


The idea behind wooga is to enrich the social game conecpt. With wooga one can indulge in the mesmerising world of social gaming. It was incepted in 2009 by Jens Begemann, Philipp Moeser and Patrick Paulisch and everyone under the sun can access wooga.

Another creation from Berlin is which is a 3D social chat game. This application is pure;y browser based and is a home to 11 million smeeters (as they name users). At smeet one can etch 3D avatars, build 3D homes, chat, connect, play and much more. The immersive smeet experience has made it the most popular Chat game in Europe.


twago stands out to be Europe’s ultomate platform that connects freelancers and employers. From startups, SME’s till ITcompanies, twago serves them all. On the other hand, freelancers also get the twago platform to get exciting projects to work on.

Emerging Berlin

The Berlin landscape is becoming a birthplace for many startups and the acquisition of Brands4Friends by eBay for $200 million was a startegic situation. To this Christopher Maire, an entrepreneur from this land told Wired that the factors like low oppurtunity costs and a rich social ambience has made Berlin a place for startups to innovate and grow.

The convergence of Berlin as a startup hub is a new take on Europe’s next big tech spot. It is sourced from Berlin Partner that almost two startups are formed every week. Berlin startups also saw huge infulx of investers and at least 20 startups receieved funding each driving in €1 million and above.


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