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Startups.fm turns back time to share stories on some of the most creative startups. This week its Wisestamp. Their Email Apps enable users to transform their emails into a powerful self expression and promotional tool. Wisestamp considers its users to be a major source of distribution. They act as ambassadors spreading WiseStamp from word to mouth all over the place.

With Wisestamp users can choose from a variety of productive and social Email Apps that enable them to easily add dynamic content to each outgoing email such as their latest eBay item, latest Twitter tweet, recent blog post or a cause to promote. WiseStamp Email Apps empower emails, like iphone Apps add functionality to your phone.

“Today more than a quarter of a billion emails are empowered by WiseStamp Email Apps”

Startups.fm spoke to the the Co-Founder of Wisestamp, Josh Avnery. He narrates:

“One day Orly (our CEO) and I received an email with a signature that immediately caught our eyes. It was so powerful that right away we wanted to create a similar one of our own. This was an Eureka moment – we all send so casino online many emails every day, why should we leave such prominent and noticeable web real-estate untapped? What if we could easily transform every email we send to promote our personal or business needs? Making emails a more productive, engaging and socially useful means of communication.

Wisestamp has 4 founders and a total of 9 team members (including 2 very much loved interns)


Learn from Wisestamp:

Josh says, “Address and solve a real market need, a pain that also bothers you personally. Constantly test, track, analize and improve accordingly. Stay close to your users, get to know them and ask for their feedback. Embrace and listen to all genuine criticism, it will help you improve and build a killer app. Eat your own dog food and be passionate about what you are doing.”

Fun @ Wisestamp



Wisestamp is coming up with some very exciting new releases and supported platforms on the way. So stay tuned on their Facebook page.

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