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Broadcast: Helical Technologies Pvt Ltd is a healthcare IT solutions provider and is a startup in the emerging healthcare services domain. As their official site echoes, Helical “facilitates a frank exchange of information between medical professionals, patients, and the seekers of knowledge.”

Startups.fm in an interview with the Co-Founder Nikhilesh Tiwari

What is your Idea and Vision?

We are an IT company startup whose major focus in to provide solutions to healthcare establishments. To be the preferred healthcare IT company providing affordable & state of art healthcare IT solutions. The company has been co-founded by Me and Nitin Sahu.

What is your start-up story? Where did you get funding from?

The software Hospital Management Software basic version was developed by Nitin (co-founder) during his engineering days. Post post graduation, botfh of us (Nitin & Nikhilesh) did a market analysis & found out that there is a huge demand of healthcare IT solutions. Hospitals, diagnostic centers, clinics & nursing centers are looking for good healthcare IT solutions but for many of them, affordability & cost factor is a major concern. This is where, we are pitching in with our services Our first client was Noor Hospital, Gurdaspur followed by Hitech imaging & diagnostic center, Latur. The range of services which we currently provide are hospital management software, EMR, PHR billing solutions, medical store department software etc.
Currently our startup is bootstrapped but in the near future we would be looking for funding via angel investors or VCs.

What is your target market? What is your revenue earning plan or model? What’s cooking for enhancing user engagement?

Target market :- We are mainly targeting small to mid-level hospitals/clinics & other healthcare establishments for whom budget is a constraint despite the fact that quality of software & solution can not be compromised.
Revenue Model: We have designed the software module wise, hence the scalability & reusability is much more easier. On an approximation for any client, generally work is in the ratio of 65:35 with 35% of work we have to put in and 65% of work already done in terms of already developed module. We believe in passing the benefit to our clients & that accounts for our prices being generally 40-70% cheaper than any other solution in the market.
Customer Engagement: Currently we are providing our services as stand alone applications which are browser based but in the near future, we have plans of providing all of our services as SaaS with application being hosted in cloud. The clients would on rental plans/pay per usage.

Any ideas you want to share from your startup briefcase?

Considering my own experience, the following points I would like to highlight. A person has to be an expert in multitasking & should be able to manage doing many things at the same time. As long as possible, try to avoid places where major monetary outflow is required.The most important thing I learnt was dealing with failures. The amount of times, you will face failure from clients, from prospective buyers etc would be a lot but you should keep on moving. This perseverance would definitely pay off.

Any new releases or coming up?

In the near future, we have plans of providing all our services & solutions as software as a service (SaaS) model with rental usage. Also, all our browser based applications will be made compatible with all the mobile handset based browsers & tablets based browsers.

How do you think Helical is adding value to the startup eco-system?

In India, where doctors are considered next to gods, we are definitely adding value to the ecosystem by empowering them via IT solutions be it the hospital management software, or electronic medical record or any other solution. Also, to the NGO & charity hospitals, we offer our services absolutely free of cost as part of our obligation & duty to society. For the same, we are in touch with a couple of big hospitals in India

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