Feature: The story of vidmeup.com

vidmeup_logovidmeup is the only online platform that gives you the ability to create your own videosite, and share your own unbranded videos.” vidmeup had its birth when people were trying to look beyond Youtube and Vimeo. Dave Holland is the mind behind vidmeup and the idea struck him almost four years ago.Dave conceived the idea of vidmeup from a crisis, just the way startups are born. He was being constantly worried by the demands of his two web developers to search for a video hosting platform that would allow their members to upload videos to their web portals. Dave was almost at his wit’s end to find out an answer. But after interacting with many online video platform companies across New York and London, the realisation that dawned on him was, his clients would never agree to pay the high prices that these platforms were asking. Dave reached an enlightenment where he decided to start an online video platform service, vidmeup. He had already identified his target market and the need for such a service and so he set sail.

Vidmeup USP: This video platform as Dave says, “gives the ability to host the video pages at your own domain name, to look exactly like your website, to allow your members to upload directly to your site with no need for embed codes and with the ability to monetize your videos by charging people to view or to join your site”.

How did vidmeup launch?

vidmeup to serve the initial set of clients tried to work things out with the help of a hand made php based CMS platform with a video CMS plugin. However the hurdle was that this development was time consuming, long drawn and required a lot of effort from Dave’s team. Though the market was ripe enough and there were customers ready for vidmeup, Dave had to rethink his strategy. So Dave and his team decided on an investment to use all their experience to built a high end a commoditizable platform for all and sundry and that too for free or at a low cost compared to other services in the market. Thus vidmeup received its angel funding from new UK funding broker scheme called Envestors in Jersey, UK. Followed by this Dave added a a new partner and with a team of 10, by July 2011 vidmeup.com launched its first beta version.

How was the market response?

Dave and his team was confident of the market but not of the response. The reality check was, there were an excess of 100+ video sharing sites across the web. However Dave says that the twist was unlike YouTube, vidmeup never had the vision to be a video sharing platform instead a a hosted video CMS software solution. On the other hand Dave also did not negate the importance of the large chunk of Youtube users who are always looking for some cost-effective alternatives. So Videmup received accolades galore from the market who readily accepted the new platform and there were thousands of sign-ups along with a lot of feedback and suggestions that has helped Videmup to frame their next moves.

Upcoming releases from vidmeup:

  • Brand mobile upload and broadcast apps
  • Specialist templates
  • E-commerce video demo cms
  • Importation of video archives from other sites
  • Exportable playlist widgets and more to come

vidmeup is also looking up to a second round of funding and is constantly in talks with a lot of strategic partners. The vision is to move faster while catering to the highly demanding market of online video publishers.



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