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Broadcast: Torbit makes websites load faster. Torbit offers Dynamic Content Optimizations to online businesses giving them the competitive advantage of speed. Torbit automatically optimizes the front-end of websites which contributes to 80-90 percent of the loading time on a typical website. 

In conversation with Josh Fraser, the Co-founder & CEO of Torbit

What is your idea and vision?

Today, websites are losing visitors and revenue because they don’t load fast as they should. Torbit is a company with a big mission. We’re here to make the Internet faster and better for everyone.

What is your start-up story? Where did you get funding from?

Torbit started as two guys in Boulder, CO. Josh Fraser and Jon Fox met through Techstars with their previous companies. Josh had previously founded a company called EventVue and Jon had founded Intense Debate (which he sold to WordPress/Automattic). Josh and Jon had spent hours optimizing websites by hand and thinking to themselves that there had to be a better way. The founders boot-strapped the company for the first 9 months off their personal savings before raising a seed round from K9, Trinity Ventures, and several prominent angel investors.

Which is your target market?

Torbit is focused on enterprise customers and businesses that are making money online. Torbit is available via a service model. With DNS provisioning you can be up and running in minutes.

How do you define the importance of your team in Torbit?

Having a strong team is crucial for any startup to succeed. Torbit is lucky to have a team of proven engineers who really care about what they’re doing. Everyone knows they are working on something that matters and that makes all the difference in the world.

What are the lessons you have learned while starting up and you want to share?

One of the biggest lessons learned through starting Torbit was the importance of mentorship. You don’t have to do it alone. Find people who are smarter than you or have gone down the road before and learn from their experience.

Fun @ Work

Lots of remote control helicopters in the office. :)

How do you feel your start-up is adding value to the eco-system?

Torbit is fortunate to be a business where the value proposition is very clear. Torbit customers make more money while making their site faster and more enjoyable for their visitors.

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