Coworking: Breaking through the silos

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The idea is one-of-a-kind working space for startups. Startups are meant to disrupt the world and they cannot innovate and need to come out of the traditional corporate hamster wheel. What they need is a place where they can collborate, share and exchange ideas up ahead.

Coworking will grow as this population grows, but it won’t always be called ‘coworking’”. Cool camaraderie, high energy sparks, awesome coffee lounge, intersection of many disciplines and a whole new community of enthusiasts is what Coworking reflects.

Why Coworking?

Well its simple because working alone can drag you into isolation. For small startups, Coworking is a great way to join other forces at work and to indulge in as Gigaom says,

“the growing movement of independent café-like collaboration spaces”

Coworking marks a new horizon as people are trying to break the corporate world runways and are gathering to work in small groups and build communities. The future of work resonates in what startups believe-there will be a change, a massive one. The centralized work spaces will undergo a metamorphosis as people are thinking out of the box. Startups cannot work under constraints. They need to do what they want and how they want. They would prefer a treehoues than having ten departments where no one gets to interact. Cabin culture is slowly vanishing into thin air.

Coworking brings in a breath of fresh air where there are open spaces, coffee bars, colorful decors, community kitchens, labs and more. Coworking movement initially kickled off with freelancers trying to look out for creative work spaces. Now startups have joined the league since they want to be in a zone that boosts innovation. Tony Bacigalupo, the mayor of New York City mentioned to Deskmag, “coworking continue to grow as more and more people pursue careers that entail a different way of working and living than that which we are used to.” is starting a series on Coworking spaces. If you are one, tell us your story. Shout out!

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