Coworking: Featuring WixLounge from NYC

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We had mentioned in our earlier post about featuring some of the hottest Coworking spaces across the globe. Our stars were good and we spoke to WixLounge from NYC. WixLounge is a totally FREE co-working and event space for creative professionals founded and run by decided to create the space for two reasons: to give back to the entrepreneurial and artistic community that allows their website platform to thrive and to spread the word about their product to anyone in that community who hasn’t found them yet.

What are the facilities available for startups?

WixLounge offers free wifi, free coffee and tea, and free printing and copying up to 5 pages. On Mondays 10am-1pm, entrepreneurs and startups can make a free appointment with their Entrepreneur in Residence, Joe Lee, to get advice and guidance. On top of that, they have monthly evening events for Wix users to provide resources for improving and promoting their businesses and a regular Lounger Happy Hour with free beer and networking so everyone can get to know each other in a more relaxed environment. WixLounge says, “For artists, we organize free monthly exhibitions for Wix users who can then sell their work off our walls without worrying about a gallery commission. Most importantly, we offer free one-on-one support sessions to Wix users to give them advice and tips for building their sites easily and beautifully.”

What kinds of memberships are available? How to apply?

There’s only one kind of membership in WixLounge: Free! All coworkers are created equal in the Wix Lounge, so none of them pay but all observe a first-come-first-serve seating system.

How do startups benefit out of Coworking?

WixLounge says, “Speaking anthropologically, humans always function better as a part of a community than they do in isolation. Businesses as a larger unit still follow the exact same pattern. A business built in isolation will have fewer outside influences and connections than a businesses created in the midst of other innovative creatives. I was talking to a Lounger at an event about Food and Technology we hosted here last night, and she explained that even though she doesn’t work in food, she finds that every tech startup can learn from another no matter the focus or scope. I thought her mentality perfectly conveyed the mentality behind co-working. A co-working space not only allows an entrepreneur to connect with like-minded startups, but also to gain perspective and opportunities from outside fields. Also, not to sound too new age-y, but I firmly believe that a positive creative energy makes a fertile ground where businesses can grow.”

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