Coworking: Sara Bacon tells us why she started GPCW


GPCW which stands for Greenpoint Coworking is one of a kind Coworking space in NY. GPCW helps individuals to work in a shared space while adding value the GPCW community. The official website states, “Our goal is to build and nourish community while fostering individual work.” spoke to Sara Bacon, the founder of Greenpoint Coworking, on the idea behind Coworking

What is the idea and vision behind Coworking?

I’m all about self-care. I believe that when we take great care of ourselves and our environment, we put ourselves in the best position to do the best work. I worked from home for 6 years and felt isolated and lacking professional community, not to mention had basically no structure to my work life. When I came across the idea of coworking, I immediately sensed a connection between my ideas about self-care and quality work. So my vision is to create a healthy, positive, structured, beautiful work environment, with the intention of creating better work and connecting to resources that one doesn’t have access to when working from their bedroom.

Why did you plan to go ahead with GPCW?

As I mentioned above, I worked from home for 6 years and was reaching a limit with it; in other words, it was driving my crazy and hindering my business. I came across the idea of coworking and was immediately inspired. I began doing some research on other coworking spaces and the costs involved. Shortly thereafter, I found our space and just jumped on it. We went from nothing to opening in the span of a month. It was pretty insane, but I loved every (almost) moment of it. We’re not a huge space–about 900sq ft. So, the vibe is pretty intimate and community oriented. We have a couple of what we call space-traders–people who are responsible for the space, giving tours, etc, 2 days a week in exchange for a free membership. It works out pretty nicely.

GPCW Outside

How did you manage the finances for GPCW?

It’s pretty unconventional. I’ve built up some business credit from my other business, Command C. I actually got a no interest for 1yr cash advance on a credit card and just made a pact with myself that I’d pay off the monthly amount to pay down the entire debt within the span of a year. And that’s what I did.

How do startups benefit out of GPCW?

Aw well, the community is the real value here. I mean, our space is gorgeous and light-filled and just straight up awesome, but it’s the people here who really make it what it is. We have an incredibly dynamic and diverse community, the in depth networking just enfolds in an incredible way. Check out our membership options here.

How do you see GPCW in the future? Any plans of expansion?

Actually, that’s not my ambition. I’m focused on cultivating and nourishing the community we have here. Just honing in and making sure my coworkers are getting the most out of this space. I’m not interested in world take over, just enjoying what we’ve got as it is. I’m focused on cultivating and nourishing the community we have here. Just honing in and making sure my coworkers are getting the most out of this space.


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