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New York has been working hard to become the next startup destination. NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg told Mashable, “We understand that we will not catch up to Silicon Valley overnight,” he said in a speech to the business community.

The NYC Mayor also exclaimed, “Building a state-of-the-art campus will take years, and attracting a critical mass of technology entrepreneurs will take even longer. But — as with everything we have done — we are taking the long view.”, At #sxsw it was announced that “”.the New York City tech renaissance is underway”. Mayor Bloomberg’s video introduction to SXSW panel “Silicon Alley: Startup Ecosystem That Never Sleeps” on Monday, March 12, 2012 in Austin, Texas.

Five hot startups baked and served fresh from the heart of NYC!

Codeacademy, NYC


Codeacademy is the hottest new name in the world of programming. Codeacademy teaches how to write computer code with the use of interactive and social web applications. Founded by Zach Sims, Ryan Bubinski, they made it big from YCombinator and now has $2.5 million funding from Union Square Ventures, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Thrive Capital, SV Angel and CrunchFund. Codeacaedemy garnered 1,000, 000 users with their New Year resolution campaign “Code Year”.



Founded by Paul Berry, the CTO of Huffington Post, reunited with his gangs in New York to build a as BusinessInsider says, “social platform that combines social media, journalism and technology. Well now you can just giev them your e-mail while they say “Code has started on RebelMouse”.

Yoke, NYC

Yoke Social Dating App

A social dating application on top of Facebook. So now you can ask your friends to hook up with someone you like or their friends. Yoke can also help love birds who are already playing “love” to discver what they have in common. Yoke is the brainchild of Rob Fishman who was the social media editor of The Huffington Post and this has definitely earned him accolades galore. Yoke has had benevolent finding from Lerer Ventures and Softbank Capital., NYC

Loverly Wedding Ideas states “ is a new visual search engine and cloud scrapbook for all your wedding inspiration.” Founded by Khellee Khalil, creates beautiful pages of wedding ideas with a magazine like browsing experience. It is surely one of a kind and recieved $500,00 funding from Joanne Wilson, Mike Edwards, Jordy Levy, Mike Yavonditte, Anu Duggal, and Charles Smith., NYC

Fab Daily Designs

Fab is one of the most stylish startups by Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shellhamme and has exploded the NYC startup space in a span of nine months. Fab offers a wide range of curated home and design items at maximum discounts. Fab has bagged a funding of $51.3 million and has is said to move to a turnover goal of almost $75 million by the end of 2012.

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