fabulloso! is a quirky online store that reflects the cosmopolitan fashion spirit!

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fabulloso! is a curated online store that celebrates beauty, wit and quirk through exquisitely designed and meticulously crafted designer wear, wardrobe essentials, shoes, accessories, home furnishings, accents and more! They bring focus on design, craftsmanship and quality products with great usability.

Team fabulloso says,  “the Our vision is to build relationships with its customers, and not limit shopping experiences to single transactions. The range of designer products, prompt delivery and luxe packaging not only ensures a fabulous shopping experience to the customers but also comes across as a trusted platform for gifting purpose.”

fabulloso! is the brainchild of Gaurav Taneja, ex-Partner and Business Head – Technology, Communications and Entertainment with Ernst & Young, and Anupma Taneja, a graphic designer and a successful entrepreneur with a handmade paper business – Kaagaz Exports. The strong business and design strength of both the founders has helped to build a strong team that is dedicated to work towards growth of the organization. They provide individuals a space to grow and find a voice in their group. This is where fabulloso! draws its strength from.

fabulloso is about all things fabulous!

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After years of working for big corporate organizations the founders wanted to do something new and creative – a space where they could bring technology and design together. The passion to make it a reality drew them to engage their funds into building fabulloso!

The shop caters to the need of urban cosmopolitan style conscious consumers who are confident and are looking for quality. They wish to make a unique style statement with how they dress, accessorize or decorate their homes. It is for these customers that the site is designed to look like an exclusive boutique, which prompts the shoppers to browse the collection. The curated selection of products is constantly refreshed – we are always on the look out for new designers and products, and add new products/ designers twice every week. People getting updates on Facebook and through newsletters keep coming back to shop for more.

Team fabulloso! is guided by the spirit of entrepreneurship and says, “One needs enormous self belief, determination and passion to succeed. Its like a roller coaster, up one second, down another, but you keep wanting the ride to go on. Build a committed community of stakeholders, employees, partners and customers.” They are adding value to the startup ecosystem in a lot of ways. They say,

“An honest employer is the best social entrepreneur. By putting together a team and making them successful, he provides long term employment to his employees and becomes a platform for his external partners, be it suppliers, supply chain managers or other service providers to enhance their value. First, we are a product of the eco-system. We came out of the eco-system in Delhi and India. Our e commerce model is probably the first of its kind in India and therefore is expanding/ redefining existing boundaries. By renting space, hiring people, working with over 80 partners, we are creating our own little space which ever day contributes to and takes from the larger eco-system at large. This give and take symbiotic relationship strengthens and moves forward the whole community.”

fabulloso! has competitors in the emerging Indian market and there are a number pf players. But they want to be the one of the most sought after curated online store and are also throwing challenges to the brick and mortar stores. They are also planning for with iPhone and iPad applications which are on the cards for the coming year.

Visit fabulloso! for more surprises!

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