Hipmunk for booking flighs and hotels, now also has calender integration for planning a trip on the go!

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Hipmunk helps you to never miss a flight when you have the most important meeting across a few seas and lands! Along with flights, you also get to find hotels.

Hipmunk‘s mission is to clean up all the hassles for travelers and make sure that you travel smarter and not harder! Hipmuknk has rolled out a fresh new calender integration for its mobile apps that syncs works with iCal, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook. This is a great add on for people who plan a trip on the go. So all the tech savvy travel aficionados can now just plug this calender app. So if you are confused with whether you should take a flight on a next week Wednesday at 4pm, Hipmunk will alert you in case you already have something planned on the same date.

Adam Goldstein, co-founder of Hipmunk tells us how their startup takes the agony out of travel.

On starting up….

At MIT I was on the debate team, and became the go-to guy on the team for booking travel. After a while, I got tired of spending hours searching for flights and hotels. So I decided to start a site to make the process simpler, and I convinced my friend Steve Huffman (co-founder of Reddit) to join. Our first funding came from Y Combinator, then we raised an angel round, and after that we raised a Series A led by Ignition Partners.

On target market and revenue model….

We think the sweet spot for Hipmunk is reaching knowledgeable and frequent travelers. We receive commissions when those users book flights and hotels. And we’re reaching users in any way we can: through social media, PR, live customer support on our site, and many more to come.

Faring against competitors….

We compete with online travel agencies like Travelocity, as well as comparison-search sites like Kayak. Although we’re smaller, we’re growing more quickly, and our user experience is much better for knowledgeable travelers.

On the Hipmunk Team….

Our team is incredibly important. We have 15 talented people working in a mix of engineering, business development, and marketing. My co-founder is Steve Huffman (co-founder of Reddit) leads our engineering team, and I look after the “suits” (everyone else).

On having fun….

We have a pretty relaxed culture; we have lunch catered in, people play Xbox in the office, etc. Once in a while we’ll do a company trip, too. We’re a travel company, so it’s required. :)

On disruption….

I think “disruption” is an overused term. In my mind, entrepreneurship is about creating valuable things that haven’t previously existed.

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