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The “search” for a car on Craiglist is getting old and there has been not been much change in the design for a long time! Amidst this Carsabi comes in as a breath of fresh air. People are tired of toggling and Crasabi, the Silicon Valley Startup indexes any automotive vehicle known to mankind!

Dwight Crow, the Co-founder of Carsabi says that it all began with frustration at the state of buying used cars. No one has all the listings, and no one makes it easy to see what the best deal is. Dwight and his Co-Founder became pretty tired of this as they were buying cars themselves and decided to create a Google style crawler to index all the cars for sale online and rank them by how good of a bargain they were. Dwight says, “We now have more cars than Autotrader and have been growing in users by 50% month on month.”

Carsabi is the perfect way to save thousands of dollars on your next big purchase – your car. Right now used car prices vary tremendously and no single website has all the inventory. Carsabi fixes this by crawling dealerships, auctions, and classifieds nightly for great deals to create a bigger inventory than Autotrader – and then presents the best cars for sale in your area whether they were on Craigslist or CarMax.

Carsabi is a notable departure from such incumbents as Autotrader or who receive payment from dealerships to be ranked higher in their listings. Carsabi has more cars then either competitor, and the cars are automatically ranked by their price compared to market value – making it a breeze to find great prices no matter the year, title, or mileage. The technology involved is fairly significant with over 1.7 million listings visited nightly – however, with $650Bn in American annual car sales the service is hoping to create equally significant consumer savings.

Being asked on Carsabi’s competitors, Dwight mentions,

“Autotrader and other large listings services have been around for quite some time, but don’t seem to be innovating very quickly. We think we bring agility, better design, and an overall superior experience to car search that other sites just don’t have.”

Carsabi emerged out of Y Combinator’s Winter 2012, second batch and recieved seed money right after their demo. Dwight recollects his experience saying, “It’s been an absolutely great time so far. However, I’d recommend that anyone thinking about doing a startup try working on their ideas for a number of months before quitting their day job – it’s a ton of work and most startups fail. Seeing if you want to work on your idea even after 8+ hours at the office is a decent test of how committed you really are.”



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