VoiceBunny disrupts the voiceover industry, connects great voices to talent hunters!


Startups.fm captured the story on another disruptive and creative startup, VoiceBunny. We spoke to Alex Torrenegra, the Founder & CEO and Tara Tyler, the Marketing ninja.

VoiceBunny connects people with great voices to those who need them. Buyers gain quick access to thousands of voices in dozens of languages. Voice talents showcase their skills to a global audience.

VoiceBunny beleives in their dream to build the largest set of global services and communities for the creation and consumption of spoken content.

The story of VoiceBunny…

VoiceBunny was founded by husband and wife Alexander Torrenegra and Tania Zapata. Tania was an aspiring voice artist. She had been taken advantage of by a few talent agents. Alex then hacked together Voice123.com, the first online voice casting service. Without venture capital, they grew it to over 100,000 talents and over 3 million auditions. Buyers and talents didn’t have to deal with agents and casting directors any longer. Now with VoiceBunny, Alexander and Tania are trying to speed up the process of getting a great voice recording to just minutes by getting rid of the auditioning part and providing an API.

On VoiceBunny’s audience and usability…

We are targeting people and businesses that need professional voiceovers quickly, such as video production houses, language learning companies, translation services, etc. We also target companies that can use our API to post projects automatically. One example use case would be publishers or news outlets setting up the API to post projects immediately after their content is posted online, creating a podcast automatically. Our revenue model is simple where buyers pay a small fee to use the service. We are working alongside our competitors like Amazon Mechanical Turk and, to some extent, our own Voice123 and its copycats.

In a startup, people matters….

Alex sayas, “Crucial! VoiceBunny wouldn’t exist without my co-founders: Tania Zapata, my wife and experienced voiceover artist, and Mr. VoiceBunny, lifetime friend and Ph.D on Voiceover Economics. Other members of the team are equally important. We take hiring very seriously. Whenever we can, we hire multiple people for the same role, we have them compete, and after a few months we select the winner. Due to this process, we have been able to build the amazing team we have right now, full of people with high IQs and EQs.”

What were the four golden rules you followed while starting up?

  • Hire fast, but also fire fast.
  • If you are not making mistakes, your are not assuming enough risks.
  • The key to success is knowing how to delegate.
  • Take your time building a great team. You will need them in order to delegate properly.

Working in a startup is real fun….

Yes we live our dreams. Voice123 and VoiceBunny have an “Open Door” travel policy. Since our team is based all over the world, from NYC, Florida, Dallas, Chicago, and Bogota, Colombia, if a team member agrees to open their home for you to visit, we will fly you to visit, whether for work or vacation. We communicate very well on Skype and have a lot of fun, but we still encourage team members to meet in person as much as possible! We have fun with what we do always!

Starting up is also about giving back something to this planet….

Great! We have helped a little with VoiceBunny and Voice123. Before their existence, the voice over industry was limited to the few lucky ones that could live in L.A. or NYC. Now you can make a living as a voiceover regardless of where you live. We have many stay-at-home moms working with Voice123 that live in small towns around the world! Whether it’s a one-time short project, or a project requiring thousands of recordings, VoiceBunny makes it effortless to find the voice at any price point… Always!

Coming soon….

We will be launching our collaborative contest feature in the upcoming months. This will allow buyers to pay an extra fee to choose their favorite read from several finished submissions.


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