Man of Many for busy guys who hate stereotypical shopping sprees!


Man of Many, a men’s buyers guide for the latest products, culture and style. Made for busy guys who hate shopping in stores. Shop online brings convenience, comparability when it comes to price and avoids the hassle of waiting in line or dealing with naggy shop assistants.

Man of Many covers everything from tech, fashion, cars, furniture, design, drinks, shoes and watches. And yes they are strong believers of the Australian value of a “fair go” and support for the underdog! spoke to Scott Purcell from Man of Many on why they launched their startup.

Tell us your startup story? Who founded and what was the mission behind Man of Many?

We were always following similar blogs as a hobby searching for the latest in new tech and style. So we decided to launch a similar website ourselves but with our own Aussie flavor and feature more than just ‘consumer products’ but also great videos, television shows, movies and architecture.

Why only men?

It may surprise you, but men are actually outspending women online. Men hate waiting in lines and dealing with naggy shop assistance and enjoy the experience of browsing online. The rate of men shopping online has outpaced women, and guys are outspending the ladies by 20 to 30 percent. Being men ourselves we tend to target a demographic we know about rather than one we don’t. There are a plethora of fashion blogs out there for women but not as many for men.

How do you reach out to suppliers? How do interested suppliers reach out to you?

We don’t actually stock any product ourselves but make money through affiliate and advertising revenues. We link directly to the product pages but always ensure we are recommending products of quality.  We curate the whole catalogue ourselves. When selecting products to feature, we focus on the story behind the product and the value it offers to the ‘everyday man’. Our aim is to feature products that will empower people to get outdoors, be active, pick up a hobby and enjoy the good times. In 2013 we hope for products that inspire.

How does the Australian startup ecosystem help you in venturing out?

Starting up a company nowadays in Australia is easy as anywhere else. There a multitude of tools available online and plenty of resources within the Australian ecosystem to help people out. The main being the Silicon Beach community which has been a fantastic resource for us! Another is the Australian Startup Wiki.

There are lots of ways to get funding in Australia. It all depends on what you’re doing and how much you need. Seed investment tends to be more difficult in Australia as funds will expect a large equity portion or to have a significant amount of control in your strategic direction to invest. The Silicon beach have regular startup meetups. Being a smaller community than the Silicon Valley, Aussie’s I think are more willing to help each other out. Even approaching people overseas who are Australian and have hit the “big time” we’ve found that they have been responsive and happy to assist us where needed.

Do you ever feel the necessity of traveling to Silicon Valley?

Not for our business. We want to stay in Australia and hopefully highlight Australia brands and products to the rest of the world. Hopefully as our business grows we will have the opportunity to travel and test different products throughout the world to feature on Man of Many.



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