Shortlist removes the odds of wandering alone at events. Now you can connect with attendees from beforehand!


Shortlist connects you with the handful of people you don’t know, but should, at professional conferences and trade shows. It works as the founder says, “at an accelerating serendipity. Great connections happen at any kind of event. We think Shortlist can increase your odds of making great a few more great connections that may not otherwise happen. That’s accelerating serendipity.”

Say you are at an event, so do you get connected through Shortlist?

You can start connecting as soon as you register for an event. Once you sign in and connect with LinkedIn and your other social profiles, Shorlist will ask you a couple of intent-based questions to match you up with other folks you should probably get to know at the event.

Can Shortlist allow me to register at any event?

You can register through Shortlist for free, invite-only events. They also sync up with registration platforms like Eventbrite and Cvent. Shortlist is really meant to take the hand-off from registration and immediately begin the event experience.


Shortlist emerged from the Founder’s woes of getting lost at a big event like SXSW!

The Founder Jason started Shortlist only after he himself was stuck in an event. Yes, it was back in SXSW in 2010 in Austin. He was there to meet the right people to tell my great location-based social network, A Space Apart.

He then explains, ” But when I arrived, I was just lost in a sea of humanity. 25,000+ strangers all wandering around looking for the same thing I was. But no way to make the magic happen. I said to myself. We all bought a ticket. We all paid a lot of money. We’re all on Facebook, Twitter, whatever, but no one can connect effectively.this is stupid. Every attendee, business and sponsor came here to meet the right people, and it’s a mess.That’s when I decided that my technology could be put to real use at professional events, where the pain—and cost—is greatest”. Jason was was a journalist with companies like Chicago Tribune and the Houston Chronicle before starting up. He says, ” I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I used to buy and sell stuff like golf balls, fireworks, and vintage guitars.”

A Space Apart was “selling vitamins,”. Shortlist offers a pain killer

Now their product A Space Apart’s technology is pivoted to Shortlist. The name change happened when Jason got through Excelerate Labs in the summer of 2011. Jaosn says, “Shortlist formally began in June of 2011. We launched our first product that September. Since then, more than 250 event apps have been created on our platform. We now have more than 10,000 members. I compare Excelerate Labs to working in the newsroom in crisis mode. For 90 days!” Shortlist sells sponsorship to make money. We can double the return on brand marketing spend.

“By getting everyone on Shortlist’s easy-to-use communication platform, we at least triple an event’s engagement window. People, companies, organizers just get more of what they want out of their events” says Jason winding up his own experience in working on Shortlist.


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