Framebench, a simple and powerful creative collaboration tool, rules out the chaos in design development


Collaboration brings with it chaos! Framebench is all about making creative collaboration easy; be it amongst remote teammates or clients. A simple collaboration tool reduces product development cycles and cuts production costs. Framebench does much more than that. With its real time and versioning features, design development is no longer chaotic. The organized storage makes projects presentable, making clients happier. We all know, happy clients are a design super heroe’s secret power.

Rohit Agarwal and Vineet Markan, are both BITS Pilani grads with interest in visual graphics. They were collaborating on Google Docs for a computer graphics project and it just wasn’t working for commenting and annotating over images. To resolve the problem, they built the first prototype of Framebench. The idea further crystallized when they spoke to the R&D head of an established animation studio in India, who incidentally became their first customers.

StartupsFM spoke to Rohit about starting up and FrameBench and how are they working to solve the designer’s woes through their creative collaboration platform.

The journey started with a winning run at The Economic Times Power of Ideas in 2010. Framebench also got incubated at IIM­A through the iAccelerator Program, one of the best incubation platform for startups in India.

The idea is to have a global reach and help any two individuals collaborate over visual assets. But broadly, our target audience includes (in no particular order):

  • Graphic and web designers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Advertising and marketing firms
  • Gaming companies
  • Video Production Houses

Simple UI and powerful technology

Apart from the simple UI and strong technology used to develop the single page app, some of nifty features include:

  • File Versioning: Remote teams & clients can upload multiple revisions of a design and viewing them gives you the feel of flipping the pages of a book.
  • Real time Discussions: Users can simultaneously mark changes and even host meetings to reach successive iterations in lesser time. A user can view changes made by others in real time and respond right there, thus cutting the turnaround time.
  • Discussion list: The discussion list neatly documents all the active discussions over files in the current workspace. Users can even look up conversations with a particular user or a file, making it easier to review files even at a later point of time.
  • Integrated text/voice chat: It gives you the illusion of being face to face with your clients, while you discuss your work sitting on that comfy couch at home.

FrameBench stands out from the rest with its Real Time Sync

Lot of players are present in the file reviewing domain. Some major competitors include ProofHQ, CageApp and ConceptShare. Every week we come across a similar app in the market. But Framebench differs in a way that we offer Real Time Sync feature that no other app does. With real time sync, everybody present in the workspace sees exactly what you do. So, if you zoom, comment or annotate…everybody in the workspace can see the activity. Some other significant features include the smart discussion list, integrated voice chat and
above all, the easy ­to ­adapt UI.

FrameBench is not just another task management tool

Framebench is altogether different from task management tools, in the way it works. It is an entirely different part of the workflow. Framebench is, if I could say, complementary to task
management apps. The platform lets users review designs in real time. They can hold discussions on the platform to and upload revisions and discuss successive versions. This helps in cutting down delivery times to a great extent. So, Framebench can be a precursor of task allotment. Thus, task management revolves around Framebench.


Beautiful integration with Basecamp and more coming soon!

Currently, we have an integration with Basecamp. But, we’re looking for integration with file sharing services like Dropbox, Box, etc. Along with that we’re looking at other project management services which are popular among the designer community. Also, we will be releasing an API sometime down the line so that studios can integrate Framebench within their workflows efficiently.

FrameBench is a complete DIY app

The $99 plan is meant for medium sized design firms (about 40­50 users). The product is sufficiently self­-serviced. We have a full fledged knowledge base which is updated every time new features are added to the product. Also, we provide an email based customer support solution. For larger enterprises, we also plan to add a phone based support. These plans are not listed on the website directly and vary with the effort required at our end to deliver.

Watch how FrameBench works

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