Wishareit – Collaborative Gifting with your friends and family now offering 500€ to the gift guru!


Wishareit is an online collaborative portal where one can find, give and receive perfect gifts with your friends and family. If you love the art of gifting, you will surely have some bad experiences in the past by incurring some trouble for finding the right gift. Wishareit offers the right tools for online shopping and gift discovery and helping people do things together on this planet!

It was seen that in 2011 alone in the US almost 40% of the gifts were deemed as crappy. SO as Wishareit puts it, “this is an astonishing financial and emotional waste, and it happens worldwide! We want to end with last-minute horrible valentine’s gifts, aunt and grandma pajamas and socks and dull books on birthdays. On Wishareit you can find amazing gifts, create and share wishlists and know everything your close friends and family are wishing. You can also ask them for help should you need to find the perfect gift for someone or even yourself.”

Wish              Recommend

Wishareit came into being with the mission of helping people discover the right gift at the right time and also to recommend gifts to their loved ones. This is a collaboration on the emotional front and Wishareit makes it fun to do so. Wishareit says, “Wishareit is based in innovative principles such as Crowd Intelligence, close-knit social networks and collaborative consumption.”

“Be the gift guru’ competition is live, where the one who has the most activities and friends in Wishareit wins 500€ to spend wherever he/she wants (this competition ends March, 17).”

Wishareit has been launched by a team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs. They abandoned their jobs to give shape to their ideas and started their journey in Portugal to serve their worldwide audience. The startup raised its curtains in mid-2012 and was founded by Pedro Moura, João Romão and Joao Gomes. They first joined Beta-Start and won a few startup challenges. Then they joined Seedcamp in Lisbon.



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