Sellfy helps you to upload and sell all things digital without having to manage file storage, payments and delivery


The founders at Sellfy were not so sometime ago. They were working hard to create custom WordPress themes and plugins. However when they finally created one, they were looking to sell it. They kept head hunting for solutions to sell it online. Things became complex and hard for them. The time to hunt for the solution was more than that was required to create their first product. They were in that enlightening moment. This was something that they could solve for themselves and for others who are trying to sell digital things. So they created Sellfy, a simple e-commerce solution to sell online.

Sellfy helps users to sell anything online within the bat of an eyelid

StartupsFM spoke to Maris Dagis, the CEO and cofounder of Sellfy. She says, “Well, we keep it super simple – upload, set the price and share to start selling. It’s totally flexible solution and you can sell anywhere on the web – Twitter, Facebook your blog, your can add your product link anywhere. We also connect your Sellfy account with most popular payment methods so you can offer your clients most reliable and secure solutions to purchase your product. The best part is that you don’t need to think about all that stuff – we cover it for you and your job is really to just produce great products.”

Selling on Sellfy


Anything you can create as a file. Ebooks, videos, music, software, graphic files – anything digital you create. The only restriction is that they can’t handle larger files than 2GB at the moment but it will change soon. Users can add our “buy now” button and sell right from their webpage or blog.

Users on Sellfy

Sellfy mostly works with individual authors, self-publishers and it makes a lot of sense. They don’t have much time and resources to create their own custom solutions so they are happy to user Sellfy. There are also no upfront costs for them and they pay only a small fraction to Sellfy once they start selling. No risk, no upfront costs, everything super-simple and that definitely sounds like and awesome deal! Currently they are serving more than 10,000 merchants on our platform. Get detailed analytics on your sales, view affiliate statistics sales, number of product views and revenues.


About Sellfy

Sellfy was starred 1.5 years ago by Maris Dagis and Kristaps Alks, two geeks from Riga, Latvia. Maris says, “The idea came from our previous business and we thought we can offer much better solution compared to others.” Sellfy did raise an angel round and startups are always looking for more capital. Hope investors you are listening!

To wind up Maris says,

“I think there is still a lot to do to simplify selling for different content types. Also we wan’t to make our merchants more productive and successful in selling by giving them better tools to engage with their customers. So these are the areas of our attention right now.”

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