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Unifications are happening across all verticals on the web. Using web and mobile applications means making your daily life more efficient and doing less for more. mybucketz is one interesting social media unification app that has been launched by a tech aficionado this year. We spoke to Al Belmondo, founder at mybucketz, to get a better view of how mybucketz works. So here is what he writes.

On starting up

mybucketz went live beta in January 2013. I was and am currently an active software developer for a healthcare finance company and have been working as a developer/engineer for 9 years. I wanted to get involved in a startup because I have always had the ambition to build something from scratch that would help others. The initial challenge is having a concept you truly feel can help others all over the globe and not being able to instantly tell them all how exciting the idea really is!

Why mybucketz is an interesting platform?

For the past few years I have been heavily involved with social media and follow hundreds of people across Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other sources. The issue I started to come across is that I did not have enough time to see the posts from the friends/followings I found most important in a simple fashion. This is how mybucketz was born. Last summer I began testing out some ideas I had by connecting to social media through code to pull back posts of users I really wanted to see. This was the stepping stone to the mybucketz platform.

mybucketz” is your social media unified. The application allows you to connect to Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter, bringing all of your feeds into one central location. Not only does it provide a one-stop shop for these social networks, it allows you to group friends/followings across these networks into individual “buckets”. A bucket can be anything from one person you know, to a group such as family or co-workers, or even just a description like sports. The buckets you create or your connected social network feeds can be displayed, which enables you to see and act upon a real time listing of posts coming from each service.

mybucketz connecting all those who live on social media feeds

The target audience of mybucketz are users similar to myself that are socially connected to others and want a unified user specific hub to see their feeds. My plan to reach them is through social media outlets themselves (using the mybucketz Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr accounts).

mybucketz help users reduce noise from social media channels

Mybucketz helps reduce the noise because it differs from third party applications out there already that can connect to your different social networks and bring your feeds in to one location. Mybucketz allows you to do this, which may be perfectly fine for some end users since you can use mybucketz without even creating a single bucket.

However, the unique functionality for mybucketz is to take these feeds and create your own experience by drilling down into each network and defining what you want your feeds to really be. For example if I created a bucket named “Family” I could drop in my Dad’s Facebook account, my Mom’s LinkedIn account, my Sister’s twitter account, my wife’s Tumblr account and so on and so forth. This is really cool because if you really just want to see your family’s social activity, you can select the “Family” bucket and there you have one feed crossing platforms displaying all their posts. Mybucketz also allows a user to simultaneously post to each social media connection at once. This ultimately saves time for the user and keeps each social media up-to-date.

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