Rapleaf allows marketers to access data to take email personalization to the next level


Data mining is a sweet word for developers. But what about those semi-techies who still want to delve into data and utilize them to leverage their audience engagement? Rapleaf ties consumer data to US email addresses so that marketers can learn more about their audience and create engaging, relevant marketing messages. Essentially, they can transform [email protected] into a young single male who makes a decent amount of money and likes outdoor sports.

Rapleaf offers two options to prospective data-lovers: Batch Append and API.

  • With Append, users simply upload their email lists to their website, select the various data fields they’re interested in, and get all the data they need right then and there.
  • With the API, users incorporate the Rapleaf API key into their own website or platform to receive data in real-time.

Rapleaf is the best at data tied to email

When it is said that Rapleaf is the best at data tied to email, it’s because they have the best coverage, accuracy, and speed in the industry. They have the highest coverage of emails with at least one data point tied to over 80% of all US consumer email addresses.

  • Rapleaf has the highest accuracy with guaranteed 90% confidence in all their data points.
  • They have an incredibly fast response time on data queries.
  • Using their API, they can provide each piece of data within 50 milliseconds.

Marketers gets the data they need

Rapleaf gives marketers the data they need to take their marketing content and email personalization to the next level. Rapleaf provides over 30 different fields of data ranging from demographic and household information to purchase and interest history.With the help of Rapleaf API, users can receive data on their email addresses on real-time.


In terms of target market, they work with B2B companies in a wide range of different fields. As long as you have an email list and the need for data, Rapleaf can help you out. Rapleaf actually does not provide any social data. We like to focus on tying our demographic and purchase/interest data to emails and making it the most relevant and fastest it can be.

Rapleaf making ecommerce and other businesses work faster and better

Rapleaf has actually had a lot of success with businesses such as those in e-commerce. Using our data, e-commerce marketers can personalize the subject lines, content, and offers of their emails to reflect their individual subscribers. As a result, these data-driven email campaigns garner boosts in conversion, open and click-through rates, and even overall sales. In one instance, a top-5 Internet retailer saw a 30% increase in open rates and clickthroughs with targeted subject lines and content based on Rapleaf data. They also experienced a 14% increase in earnings per new user over the first month as well as a 63% decrease in cost/conversion and a one-third decrease in ROI period. Rapleaf also works with companies in other email-heavy fields.Rapleaf-email-data-for-marketers

Rapleaf is an aggregator of aggregators

They don’t actually scrape any data themselves but work with the top data miners in the industry to compile all the data that they offer. That being said, they do offer a special tech solution to the massive amount of data out there with our unique identity resolution technology. Pulling data from various third-party data aggregators, Rapleaf creates a cohesive data profile for each consumer. What this means is that if, like most people, you had a different email address five years ago than you do today, they will tie the data from all of these email addresses to increase coverage and create a more cohesive and accurate consumer data profile. In the crowded and complicated world of big data, this is a pretty awesome way to get a clearer picture of your email base.

Rapleaf was originally founded in 2006; however, over the years, their products have evolved. Rapleaf’s current consumer data products were established in 2011. Their vision is to make it incredibly easy for marketers to access the data they need to personalize content for their customers. They say,

“We’re consumers too and we love it when marketing messages are relevant to us. So, we fuel marketing automation tools with the necessary data to help brands keep their customers happy and engaged.”



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