Startup Canada's take on the 2013 federal budget by the Canadian Government


Startup Canada recently showed support for the 2013 Federal Budget. The budget according to them was being routed to the right direction, however there is a still a lot more to be done to support and nurture entrepreneurs in Canada.

As a grassroots organization, Startup Canada represents the voice and culture of entrepreneurship in Canada. Startup Canada is the link between policy makers and the startup community that is transforming Canada into an entrepreneur country. Through its grassroots network of entrepreneurs and small business champions, Startup Canada strives to mobilize communities of people to build systems that create profit and prosperity for all.

Victoria Lennox, the CEO of Startup Canada vented out in their press release, “We are pleased to see government supporting the startup community in Canada with the announcement of the entrepreneur awards and investment in venture capital and accelerators. These are positive steps to support entrepreneurs. As the Harper government has acknowledged, entrepreneurs and the businesses they create are the backbone of the Canadian economy, employing nearly half of the Canadian working population.”

Victoria feels that there is still a huge gap that needs to be fulfilled to support the need for higher impact strategic investments. She says that this must “go beyond the status quo and work toward building the culture, connectivity and communities necessary to fuel entrepreneur success in Canada and to bolster our competitiveness as a nation.” Victoria also threw light on the fact that these activities first need to begin with the entrepreneurs who are already active within the ecosystem. It would be mainly to foster investment led activities such as Startup Edmonton-a community effort or help coworking spaces like Hub Halifax or Montreal”s Notman House. She said, “We need to enhance access to meaningful mentorship connections and provide better connectivity between entrepreneurs and the support that they need. We need to invest in efforts that will fuel a national culture of entrepreneurship to raise the online casino ambitions of Canadian entrepreneurs, to keep our entrepreneurs at home, and to position Canada as a beacon for global high-growth startups, investors and industry partners.”

Startup Canada is extremely particular about its efforts in aiding the startup movement in Canada. So the real fact that this investment is just the tip of the iceberg with regard to the needs of Canada”s ecosystem. Compared to other G8 nations, Canada still is far behind the league. Though the Federal budget updates is a good start, it needs to spike up to support the next generation startups. Victoria says, “A culture shift is required for entrepreneurship to become a part of the fabric of Canada,” says Ms. Lennox, “and while an investment in the education and training of young people is always a wise one, we need to couple investment into trades and hard skills with the leadership and entrepreneurial awareness and skills that open the door for the next generation that will take over our small businesses or start their own.”

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CEO, Startup Canada
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Manager, Government Relations
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