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If there is one thing CTO Mike Yoder learned from exhibiting at this year’s SXSW Interactive Trade Show, it would be that companies large and small are looking for new ways to use technology. They want to innovate inside their company walls without losing the personal touch of customer service. With one look at ALICE Receptionist, these innovation seekers were pleased to see the future of their front desk or lobby.

ALICE Receptionist, created by the technology company WinTech LLC, is revolutionizing the first point of contact inside company doors. Money is tight, security issues are increasing, and customer service is on the decline. The creators of ALICE Receptionist saw an opportunity to fix an ever-growing issue for companies worldwide.

The Cost of Doing Business

Feeling the burden of a shaky economy, many companies face unfortunate decision to forgo the expense of staffing someone to manage their front desk. For their customers, this becomes a massive frustration. When visiting a place of business, how often have you entered the building to find there is no one there to greet you? The solutions that understaffed companies must provide – a bell to ring, a printed directory, or no direction at all – do not facilitate the ideal first impression. ALICE Receptionist is meant to fix this. ALICE uses two-way video technology to directly connect a visitor with the individual or department they are meant to see, and even offers the option for an automated greeting via motion detection technology!

For businesses that have chosen to retain the position of receptionist, ALICE offers the ability to maximize efficiency of existing staff. Efficiency is not a bonus in today’s business environment; it is a requirement for success. Using an ALICE Receptionist system allows companies to expand the responsibilities of existing receptionists and relocate them to a more efficient workspace, free from the distraction of visitors. The receptionist will be able to greet and assist visitors from their desk through the 2-way video technology built into the ALICE system.

When comparing the average receptionist salary in the U.S. against the cost of an ALICE virtual receptionist, it is easy to see the Return on Investment. Since anyone in the building can be connected to the directory to ensure that visitors are personally greeted, ALICE proves a cost benefit and ensures customer service.


Security is an Issue

The safety of employees in the public and private sector is an increasing issue. Today, the front desk receptionist or security personnel is not enough to deter security breaches. ALICE technology allows you to keep your office doors locked but still be able to greet all of your visitors in a face-to-face manner. Every employee can verify the person there to meet them by utilizing the video capabilities, whether they choose to utilize 2-way or 1-way technology. It is up to each individual employee how they want to set their client software setting. ALICE Receptionist can also work in tandem with current door admittance technology so you that employees do not have open the door personally. Visitors can be viewed and buzzed in all from the convenience of staff workspaces.


Merging Technology and Customer Service

ALICE technology never has and never will be a mechanism in which to replace people or the personal touch that comes with human interaction. What sets ALICE apart from its competitors is the ability to communicate via two-way video. This interaction is not limited to a connection between the office and the lobby. ALICE Cloud Service was recently introduced to connect ALICE with users via their mobile devices. An employee who is not currently in the building can still greet their visitor by using their mobile phone or tablet device.

There is no better way to greet visitors than in person, and now with ALICE, a company need not anchor a vital member of their staff to the front door to do so.

About ALICE Receptionist

Recently crowned Tech Cocktails “Best in Show Late Stage Startup,” and listed by Inc Magazine as “6 Cutting-Edge Gadgets to Watch.”

WinTech, LLC, the creator of ALICE Receptionist is a privately held technology company developing technology solutions that enable businesses to improve their customer interaction experience. Delivering products based on its patent pending ALICE technology, WinTech, LLC’s ALICE line of products provide on-demand, live agent interaction via two-way, one-way and audio-only communications. The company is located at 311 E. Warm Springs Road, Suite 100, in Las Vegas.

The future of your front desk is here.




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