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Millions of websites are being released every week, and as you would expect, this is creating a greater demand among businesses and individuals to sell or acquire these websites. Just about every business, even offline businesses require a website as a way to attract new customers. For many businesses, their website is their single primary platform for interacting and selling to their end users. This increase in demand, brings about the need for quality marketplaces to trade well established websites. We believe Ackwired is placed in a great position for a sustaining and powerful network for website traders.

No more fake listings

Being an end user of the existing website marketplaces, it was time consuming and frustrating trying to find quality established websites or interesting web startups for sale. The current market is filled with hundreds of overpriced, uninteresting, and fake listings – it takes a lot of time to find quality as a matter of fact. The current marketplaces are filled with turn key solutions, unprofessional copywriting (with very poor grammar), false metrics – there is no quality or review process with the current platforms. It’s not sustainable and the market needs a change for the better. What our market research has shown us is that investors, buyers and even legitimate sellers want a platform to showcase their listing along with other quality established websites – a marketplace where they won’t be part of cheap imitation products.

Ackwired-buy-sell-websitesWe have a team of dedicated reviewers that manage every single listing that is submitted to Ackwired. We focus on quality, not quantity which means we in turn reject a lot of submissions we receive.

This is how the idea of “Ackwired” was born.

The vision was to develop a marketplace that listed only quality, well established websites or interesting web startups that had been personally reviewed by our team. Currently we work with 2 contract software engineers to build and maintain our platform as well as a copywriter who helps provide amazing content for the listings we publish.

Prior to Ackwired, I was (and still am) involved in a social networking startup called Meeeup – a platform that helps introduce you to your friends single friends in an effort to find meaningful and safe connections.

How does Ackwired help startups?

Ackwired only launched late in 2012, but we are already receiving some great interest in our platform. We have been constantly fine tuning our product based on our customer feedback and market research to fuel our growth. We are always on the lookout to review or list exciting new web startups where the founders have decided to move on – these listings provide great opportunity for our buyers.

Factors essential to buy or sell on Ackwired

A few review factors we look closely at include:

  • How long has the website been established for – it usually needs to be at least 12 months.
  • Does it have good growth potential and an engaged user base.
  • If the listing looks suspicious, it is deleted immediately.
  • We then work with the businesses on copywriting for their listing as well as securing some great imagery to really showcase their website on Ackwired.
  • There is no other platform in the market that currently provides this kind of service.

Ackwired is also an aggregator as well as a self-listing platforms

Providing quality listings to our investors and buyers is crucial to delivering a well curated platform. At Ackwired our software engineers have developed an intelligent web crawler that searches through the internet to find all of the most interesting websites based on a variety of metrics including traffic, industry, activity, profitability, and pricing. Then, what differentiates Ackwired from its competitors is that every listing is reviewed, enhanced, and then approved by a real human being. Ackwired is also a self-listing platform where entrepreneurs can list their established online business for sale.

Pricing on Ackwired

We have kept pricing simple. As an individual or business you can list a quality website on our platform at no cost. We only take a commission of up to $500 if your website sells on Ackwired.

Ackwired Supporting Charities, a gesture to give back!

We are a business, but we also like to help great causes. We worked hard on finding a solution that would allow us to support a greater cause through our website. Supporting 3 amazing charities is our way to give back and we hope it really prompts our users to transact using our marketplace instead of our competitors.


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