Comindware unites Workflow Coordination and Task Management tools in a single system and more


Comindware was launched to provide businesses with the most efficient, flexible, and cost-effective end-to-end management capabilities, including everything from brainstorming through management and execution to project completeness. This is one of its kind collaborative productivity app. 

Comindware was founded in 2010 by Max Tsypliaev, the founder of Acronis, a highly successful software company, and is led by a team of professional executives and serial entrepreneurs with roots in several industry-leading software companies, including Acronis, Parallels, Kapersky Labs, Sophos, Quest, and Embarcadero.

Comindware’s core components that aids in workflow coordination

  • ConnectStep Technology

One of the core management foundations of Comindware Tracker is ConnectStep technology. ConnectStep technology unites Workflow processes coordination and Task Management tools in a single system. While all workflow processes are automated and structured in Comindware Tracker, tasks are becoming an essential part of these processes. Due to such a deep integration, Comindware Tracker can be considered as a comprehensive project management tool, as teams no longer separate projects from day-to-day tasks and activities.

ConnectStep Technology unites Workflow Coordination and Task Management tools in a single system. This means that users don’t need to switch between different systems and handle different types of work differently: all the work is gathered in a single task list and managed with a full-fledged Task Management application.

  • ElasticData Technology

ElasticData is unique, patent-pending technology that Comindware developed to make its work management software more flexible. Thanks to ElasticData technology, users can adapt Comindware Tracker with the workflows specific to their industries and their departments, while having robust, real-time reporting and analysis capabilities. With ElasticData Technology workflows can be updated on the fly without any redeployment process. In November 2012, Comindware Tracker was announced to be the winner of Graphie Awards that recognizes innovative graph database applications.

  • Comindware integrates MS Outlook

The main advantage of this integration is that it gives users the power of collaborating on workflows and tasks directly from Outlook and within a team.

Comindware Tracker Outlook Add-in is a free Outlook extension that users can download from their Comindware Tracker accounts. The extension puts Comindware Tracker workflow system behind Microsoft Outlook, and makes light and invisible. Users can collaborate on tasks using MS Outlook, while all the added information is constantly being synchronized with Comindware.


You can find a step-by-step guide of how it works following the link here.

How is Comindware supporting businesses in a marketplace flooded with task management applications

Comindware software was designed to meet the growing needs of small businesses and corporate customers worldwide that require flexible and powerful management software in areas ranging from IT help desk to software development, HR, finance and administration, marketing, and more.


Comindware creates a point of differentiation through its breakthrough technologies. Among various project management tools that are built around relational databases, Comindware Tracker is based on an innovative management foundation – ElasticData technology that provides unique flexibility for adapting Comindware Tracker for specific industries and departments. ConnectStep Technology unites workflow coordination with task management tools, so the processes are more visible, and teams work efficiently.

Setting up Comindware

Comindware Tracker is available an on-premise and a subscription-based cloud service. It is easy to set up and configure without developers’ help. However, in case of difficulties, we offer different service packages covering customer support and training courses.



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