3D Talent Services democratizes talent development for individuals and businesses


[Press Release] Chennai, India: 17 May, 2013: 3D Talent Services builds intelligent, simple and affordable apps for individuals and companies to use in the talent landscape. 3D Talent Services unveils its new platform to help individuals and businesses improve their skills and organizations better utilize their talent pool.

Hiring and identifying talent has moved beyond the silos of HR departments. Founders and CEOs have come down to this talent battlefield to scoop out the best workforce who fit their culture and vision. The bloodline of a business is its people. So understanding and evaluating talent have become essential. Talent profiling has become an integral part of team building with the use of state-of-the-art methods. The fact that hiring superior workforce is mandatory stresses on one single question, how to discover the best. While hiring and retention is an indispensable part for companies, they are scouting out for innovation that goes beyond the HR departments.

Throwing light on people powered businesses

3D Talent Services, a young startup from India is working on a mission. G Ramu, the CEO and founder, to 3D Talent Services has been toying with his idea to disrupt the talent space. He worked in a few HR departments for a lot of companies and he did experience a void in this space in 2010. After almost two rounds of revolution and research did Ramu lay down the foundation of 3DCP. Ramu believes, “there is a need to break away from the conventional methods of talent management by the use of new tools and techniques that help enhance the capabilities of individuals and the competitiveness of organizations.”

How 3D Talent Services started up?

G Ramu who completed his engineering from IIT-BHU, MBA from XLRI, spent the first half of his career in BHEL, Asian Paints, HCL Technologies. As an HR practitioner he noticed was the way most people weren’t able to really quantify their skills nor their career goals in a specific, scientific way or realize where they stood with respect to their skillset. Most people were not specific and could not relate to their learning in a scientific way or realize where they stood with respect to their peers in a chosen skillset.

Ramu and his team reached out through their surveys to understand the talent market dynamics. They noticed that most of them could not gauge where they were standing and where to head for. Most often when asked about their skills, they just related to their technical skills, without realizing that it just constituted one component of their talent spectrum. Many completely ignored or could not state succinctly their behavioral and managerial attributes. Many do not even realize that their technical skills may be attuned to a particular environment and they may need to make changes to adapt to another.

Bottomline, they failed to realize where they fit in and can hence add value to their careergraph. People were more prone to profiling themselves based on company needs. On the other hand companies never had a fixed way to measure and evaluate their talentscape.

Though large corporates have attempted skills profiling with varying degrees of success, small and medium businesses did not have any tool to evaluate their talent hub and figure out how they could be better utilized for faster growth.

This led to the emergence of 3DCP as a platform to allow individuals and job seekers and companies to profile their skills across technical, managerial and behavioral skills. Ramu along with Babu and Nandkumar started to work and iterate on this infectious idea. There are three main products that is being formed under 3D Talent Services.

Products under the brand umbrella of 3D Talent Services

Web applications hosted on the cloud have been launched built around 3DCP have been launched. These applications include My3DCP, 3DTAS and Training Orbit.

  • My 3DCP is an individualized comprehensive and holistic profiling ones skills covering the different aspects of skills. It intuitively leads one to map ones skills in depth, whichever industry, function or level, one may be from. The visual representation of ones profile is a refreshing novelty in itself.
  • 3D Talent Analytics System (3DTAS) is an enterprise application for profiling of employees which will enable them in carrying out analytics and better deployment and development of employee skills
  • Training Orbit is a global marketplace on training. One will be able to identify ones training needs and select appropriate courses for their needs.


3D Talent Services now unveils its platform and kicked off this April, 2013. Companies across diverse industries can now use this platform for analyzing any department. Both active and passive job seekers will be able to create their 3D profiles and ensure that the global talent scape utilizes the power of this robust platform. They are working to build a solution for better talent development. The business world is torn by poor talent management and 3D Talent Services unveils itself as intelligent yet simple and affordable platform for individuals and companies across the globe.


For media inquiries contact:
Mr. G Ramu (Founder and CEO)

Email : [email protected] www.3dtalentservices.com



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