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When is the last time you “liked” a photo or a video on a social networking site? Five minutes ago? A few hours, or yesterday? Chances are you’ll be able to track down the media in question if it’s fresh in your or your computer’s memory, but what about the video of the cute baby elephant you saw 6 months ago? That is where Favolane comes in.

What do we talk about when we talk about “liking”

favolane_likesQuite often, the reasons you click the “like” button are quite vague. You “like” posts on social media sites to express your approval, or maybe because it reminds you of something that makes you happy; you might like a photo of a friend at their graduation in order to congratulate them on their success without wanting to spell it out, or a video of a favorite band performing in order to let people know about your eclectic musical tastes. But once any of these things have been liked, they are lost forever in the depths of your feeds or timelines. Favolane solves this problem by aggregating all liked media from different social platforms into one place for future reference.

“Pressing that like icon on Facebook”

favolane_foundersCo-founder and technical director Rool Paap hit upon the idea “the moment (he) first pressed that like icon on Facebook” and realized he had no way to find the post later. Before the year was over, every social networking site had a “like” or “+1” button and no one provided any way to access those likes. As a coder, he saw a possibility for an app emerging, which would use a social network’s API to aggregate information. He talked to his partner and colleague Sander de Gans about it about 8 months ago, but de Gans refused him, telling him that he believed in his concept but had his own ideas about bettering the app. They refined the idea together – Paap worked on the code while de Gans created the design, innovated the concept and strategized on how to reach their audience.

“Rediscover your social favorites”

Favolane’s tagline is “rediscover your social favorites”. Paap and de Gans define social favorites as any content you like on a social network. Favolane essentially turns the “like” button into a bookmarking button and collates all your liked media into one space, saving you the bother of cross-platform switching.


Labels can be added to anything to make sorting and searching easier, and after a while, your Favolane turns into a gallery of content curated by you. Other people can follow your likes to find other interesting media to like in turn, and if they are “Laners” (as Paap and de Gans like calling people with a Favolane account) you can follow them back as well.

The “adventure” and future plans

Favolane is entirely bootstrapped with funding coming from the founders’ own pockets and favors from friends. They believe in the “adventure” of creating something exciting, rather than sitting down with investors and business plans. They operate out of an office they have rented for cheap in one of the most remarkable buildings in Rotterdam by calling in on a favor from a friend. Currently, they are focusing on the iPhone release, with an Android port in the works, and finally, a web platform where you would be able to find anything you have liked – not just photos and videos. Favolane will support Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo at the time of launch, with more to be added later.

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