Can you hear the cities talking? Listen to what they say while traveling with ‘Cities talking’ app


People have been traveling for ages, though with various reasons. Our reasons for traveling may have changed, and is still undergoing revolutions, but we have never stopped. We love to move from one place to another. As we experience the world through apps, “Cities Talking” makes local trips a delight.

Starting with the Neolithic age to the modern age, reasons for traveling have undergone a revolution. The Neolithic age saw the inventions of sailing vessels and wheels. Nomadic people traveled for food, while ancient men built roads to facilitate the movement of the troops throughout the empire and eventually men shifted to caravans for traveling. Purpose of military movement was replaced by trade and commerce. Religion came into picture in the medieval age with the notorious travelers-pilgrims and missionaries. Elite classes traveled to European cities which added to their sophistication and class. French Revolution drew the end line to this “Grand Tour” as the world saw the advent of rail transport. Industrial revolution saw the rise of new middle class who had money and time. Thus, travel became an act of leisure for these people.

‘Cities Talking‘ welcomes you to a seamless experience while taking a tour around a city. The application makes traveling more interesting and appealing with its unique audio guide feature.


All you need to do is just download it from the app store on your smartphone, put on your earphones and off you go! The boring and monotonous tour guide finally has a replacement, that too at a cost that is extremely pocket friendly. You need to spend just £2.99 – £3.99 which is much cheaper considering that a bus or guided tour will cost you at least £20. The cities that are already talking in this app are London, Paris, Edinburgh, Florence, Budapest, Amsterdam, Berlin, Venice and Brugge. ‘cities talking’ team also wishes to include cities like Stockholm as well as cities of US. They listen to what people are saying about which places they like and works accordingly.


Founder of ‘Cities talking’ Julie-Anne Uggla was highly disappointed with her Venice trip. The bus tours and guides were monotonous and costly at the same time. She and her family did not have the scope to move around at their own pace. The trip wasn’t half the interesting that it should have been. She returned to UK with an intention to create a collection of guided tour audio apps that are full of interesting and inspiring ‘I have never’ facts. The app will give you the leisure to have full control over it. Once downloaded, it provides a 3 hours tour. You can go on with it quickly or spread it for many days, as per your schedule. You can play, pause, rewind as per your free will. The app has been designed for everyone, whether you are a 12 years aged kid or 80+ enthusiastic traveler.

‘Cities Talking’ has all the plans to be there for android and windows users very soon. At present, it has come up with a ‘Free London Talking Taster’ to give a sneak peek of the application to the smart-people! After all, it is always better to ‘try before you buy’. It will take through some incredibly interesting places like The Treasury, the Bali Bombing Memorial, National Police Memorial, Duke of York Column and Carlton House terrace. You will find out most wonderful historical facts at each point. You can know about the Horse Guard Parade and St. James’ Park, listen to the leisurely lives of Henry VII and how jousting left him with lifelong injuries and turned him into the tyrannical, overweight monster he is portrayed as today! Enrich yourself with the findings about the clock which was regarded as the international authority timekeeper (as Greenwich is now).


The team of ‘Cities talking’ has collaborated with top app development company to create this audio guide. It catch is that the audio for each point of interest on the walk is automatically triggered using Geo locations. There is no tension of incurring roaming data charges! There is an extra section on the app called ‘inspire’ where users can request to see specific locations. For example, if you type ‘churches’, all the locations with the same tag will be shown to you.

A lot of hard work has been put into the creation of the application. The narrators for each city have been chosen carefully, for instance, Christopher Biggins is the perfect voice for London city. Incredible story tellers, creative writers and diligent researchers have come together to one desk to make ‘Cities talking’. London talking has already received much praise from bloggers, locals and the likes of the London Evening Standard.


Are you looking for budget friendly exciting traveling? Don’t know where to ping? ‘Cities Talking’ must be missing from your smartphone! Get this simple application and start traveling at your own pace!

Time to make your feet work!

Download Cities Talking App now!


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