Your cars can now bring you $400 a month with FlightCar’s new economic solution


Everytime you step out of the airport, you see a long queue of cars. You get delayed because there is just too much rush, and not sufficient number of vehicles available. Here comes FlightCar’s new economic solution to deal with this rush. This startup has thought upon a new money making plan for those who ‘own’ cars. Yes, you got that right! If you own a car, then you can earn up to $400 per month. How? A new program is available in public beta that puts into use the unused cars for other travellers. The service is available at Boston’s Logan International or at San Francisco International Airport.

No more crowd at city parkings

The startup has come up with this idea with an aim to reduce the crowd happening at city parkings. Those cars that remain unused can cater to travellers arriving at the airport. The car rental industry is already pulling in $30 billion. FlightCar seeks to have a share of this huge cash, and to do so they are looking out for car owners who own unused vehicles. Vehicles sitting in the garage or coming out to breathe fresh air once in a while can now be more social- It can move around and take other people to their destinations from airport. Those who agree to participate in this program will have their cars parked in the FlightCar’s lot near respective airports. The model of FlightCar resembles a lot to that of Airbnb.


Currently, FlightCar works on a tit-for-tat model. Those departing for trips leave their cars for arriving passengers. With the introduction of the monthly program, this startup is aiming to count in city residents and their corresponding neighbors. This will help them cut down on the high parking costs that they need to face otherwise. Instead of paying for parking, they can earn some by sharing!

CEO of FlightCar Rujul Zaparde has been quoted “FlightCar launched as the first company to tackle airport congestion and overpriced airport parking and car rentals for travelers, and then we realized local residents who live downtown were using FlightCar just so they wouldn’t have to pay garage fees or deal with street cleaning”.

Your car is now going to make money

So, now your vehicle will never feel left out just because you don’t have time or the necessity to take it out for a ride. You can make money while your vehicle can be at the airport to pick up travellers. FlightCar will take your car and offer a free space at its own parking lot. For 30 days, your car can be rented by other travellers.


However, if you have a sudden need, you can ask for your car. FlightCar will immediately pay attention to your needs but a notice of 1 hour is required. Also, you yourself can rent your car for free! Confused? FlightCar offers you four days of free renting out of the 30 days provided it is not reserved already. Even if it is reserved, you can opt to use other car of the same size or larger. While one hour notice is required for a FlightCar driver to take you to your car in case of any emergency, on five hours notice, your car will be brought by a company employee. You will be charged $20 for any of the services, and the amount will be deducted from your monthly pay automatically.

Once you had spent money in buying that vehicle of yours. Today it sits idly in your garage. Why not give it something to do, while you can enjoy its perks!!

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