Top 10 business apps that helps your startup become more productive and agile


Apps are meant to reduce your daily grind, overloaded with unnecessary manual tasks which can otherwise be automated. Quite similar to how you might task Sun Document with your sensitive documents, or your budgeting to Quicken; just makes things easier to not have to deal with every meticulous little detail. The whole idea of being lean and agile comes from streamlining and automating what can be. From streamlining your schedules till distributing tasks to your team members, there are a plethora of platform agnostic apps that helps you run your daily business activities hassle free. Though the marketplace is filled with more than apps we can count, StartupsFM tried to select some of the best apps and savvy online platforms that enhances productivity. These apps are indeed a fat-free approach to productivity. So we have chimed a few that we like and use!



Producteev-task-managementEnhance your social business with Producteev from Jive. Producteev is world’s largest social task management solution every business is turning to for their teams. Collaborate and coordinate with your team, prepare projects, assign them and get them done easily and faster- whether you are working on your desktop or Mac Os, iPhone or android. Producteev also doesn’t mind pinging you in your inbox!


Hipchat-group-chat-and-IM-for-teamsSharing ideas, codes and files within team members is now an awesome experience with HipChat. You can chat with your entire department in “Rooms” or choose to have a “one-to-one chat” with any of your co-workers at anytime. You can include clients or third parties even in chat, and have full control on what they see! If you think you have missed out any part of the conversation because you were away, then no worries- HipChat saves the entire conversation and lets you pick up from wherever you left. You can know who said what and when! You can receive notifications of important conversations via email or on your phone! Start tagging people with [email protected] feature and get going!


Github-build-softwareEvery business seeks to make software development collaborative. For that, they mostly rely on app GitHub. Coding is fun and easy with this app. You can review changes, place your comments and design your project’s future with “discussion tools”. This being an open source community enables you to share your project with the world, get feedbacks and contribute to the repositories GitHub hosts. Did you think the power lies in your codes only? Well, the power is now in GitHub on your ‘desktop’.


Zendesk-customer-service-softwareIf a business targets for excellent customer service then Zendesk is one app that’s doing wonders in the entrepreneurial world. It is vital to understand what your customers need and like everything in this world, each person has a varied requirement. In such a scenario, you need to keep a check where you are standing in comparison to all your competitors. Zendesk helps you do all these and more!


Trello-task-management-appManaging your task online is now click-easy! Businesses are turning to Trello to manage their team works and keep everyone updated about whatever work that’s going on inside the company! Create cards by yourself, assign them and start moving from “Left to right”. You can either assign people or assign yourself, add people to a group, archive a card and do so much more. Trello is one app which will let you work independently, making each team member the owner of the work they do! It’s one app that truly helps in smart working”.


Insightly-CRMA popular Google apps CRM and Project Management package, Insightly tracks projects, opportunities, leads and proposals. It contains a comprehensive history of client interaction, and has a centrally shared contact list. Small Businesses find it easy to use. Insightly gets easily integrated with your Gmail account. It also includes SSL security feature that is vital to businesses.


Rapportive-contact-profiles-inside-GmailIn business nothing is abstract. Everything has a purpose, has a concrete shape to it. If we are mailing a person, we immediately search about him/her online casino in all social platforms, check up their activities at various portals, look up their job history and location as well. Instead of opening and closing each and every site, Rapportive app is one complete solution integrated to Gmail. If you have Rapportive in your Gmail, you will be able to see every detail of your addressee on the right hand side along with his/ her picture. Thus, instead of Google ads, see Rapportive- a cool CRM tool for Google!


SailThru-consumer-relationship-managementCommunication between companies is undergoing a major shift with Sailthru Smart Data platform. In real time, automated and informed decisions can be made by businesses to optimize the user experience at every level. Users can create a profile and spend more time in engaging rather than ‘setup’. Even if you 500,000 people on your contact list, Sailthru will sail out 500,000 different customized mails to them! It provides a one-to-one personalization on all digital channels in the truest sense.



Buffer-social-media-managementBusinesses are always trying to improve their social presence, and what better way than Buffer app. You just put up your best articles, share images and videos, and let Buffer do all the magic- it will auto-magically keep posting for you throughout the day. Keep your presence felt in all networking platforms at one go- Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/ and also stay updated about the analytics of your posts. Social sharing is now smart with Buffer!



MailChimp-email-marketingYour Email Marketing campaign has a new name- MailChimp. The right Email goes to the exactly right person with mailChimp. It also offers you multi-user sign in that gives access to all the team members of different levels. You can access MailChimp from any device and also use this iPad app to create and edit your campaigns even if you are not online!


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5 Responses to Top 10 business apps that helps your startup become more productive and agile

  1. Sandra says:

    Grouptime ( is great for group messaging and sharing with teams and colleagues. The works with instant posts with a very visual messaging feed, like a real-time company social network.

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  3. Lara Powell says:

    Email for Business is another app that is a great tool for start-up businesses. I have been using it for managing my business emails for over two weeks and I am quite pleased with it.

  4. We are also a huge fan of MailChimp. It has a great UI and their analytics are great for multiple “touch” campaigns.

  5. John William says:

    Good List !
    I would like to suggest one more software i.e. Invoicera. It is an online application, helps with features like online invoicing, task and project management, time tracking, staff permissions and helps to make businesses more productive.

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