5 movies that can boost your startup spirit this weekend


Inspiration can come from any corner. Movies have always been a source of inspiration to entrepreneurs. While it relaxes you, it also teaches you so much through visual scenes. StartupsFM is back with its top 5 movies list for this week, which we think can motivate you as an entrepreneur.


Glengarry Glen Ross

When real estate sector in New York was facing troubles, four salesmen were to succeed in a sales contest because they were given a strong incentive by Blake. Pressure builds upon these four because losers do not exist in this competition. First prize is Cadillac Eldorado, second is set of steak knives and third is a sack! To cope up with this increasing pressure they attempt a robbery which has unpredictable consequences for all of them! This movie imparts one message- success is the only option you have, there’s no backing out from there!

Wall Street

Bud Fox , a Wall Street stockbroker wishes to reach the top. In 1980’s New York, this young man meets successful broker Gorden gekko finally. Gekko takes him with him and tells him “greed is good”. Taking this advice, Bud is soon in a world of ‘yuppies’ and has a ‘good life’, quick money and equally fast women. All these keep clashing with his family that includes his estranged father and the blue-collared way in which Fox was raised. This movie teaches every entrepreneur and others too, that if you dream big, you must be ready to make sacrifices on the way to attain it. Nothing comes for free, and that includes your dreams as well.

Steve Jobs: one Last Thing

Steve Jobs is an iconic figure in the entrepreneurial world. Who wouldn’t want to know about him! Whether you are an entrepreneur or not, you would still love to know more about this great man. Through various interviews from his colleagues and other people who knew him, this movie takes a peek at his life, what influenced him to come ahead and change millions of lives on this earth, how his career took shape and how was he as a man! Watch this movie we all look up to Steve Jobs for his massive contribution to mankind!

3 Idiots

Being Idiot is necessary! Well, not in the literal meaning of ‘idiot’, but you need to think out of the box, have the guts to challenge this world and its rules! 3 Idiots is a movie which emphasises on one motto- do not chase success. Without hardwork success can’t be attained. You need to be excellent in what you do, success will just follow league. This movie opens with two friends searching for their lost friend who inspired them to think differently. The world called them “Idiots” but that was their USP!

Lemonade Stories

This movie chronicles the impact mothers have on their entrepreneurial children and how they enlighten their lives. Watch this movie and get mesmerized by the extraordinary stories of entrepreneurs and theirs moms.

Come back next week for the set of “visual treats” from us.

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