Create, Share, Collaborate and Discover interactive maps of 15 million locations in US on Citymaps


Imagine a map that knows you, where you want to go, guides and enlightens you, adopts according to your personality and interests! Citymaps is a brand new app to navigate your own city. It’s world’s first global social map created to help you make a personalized map of the future. The founders have re-imagined the entire mapping concept for you to explore every place around you at one glance. We need things to be quicker, more precise. There an ardent need for social maps in this age of social networking! NYC based Citymaps is a new smartphone app that will let you create your own future maps, which you can share with your friends, as well as join maps of your friends.

Founders’ Flashback

Founder and CEO of Citymaps Elliot Cohen’s work on future of social and personalized maps has been on for last four years. With a professional background rooted in startups (Audiobase) and building skyscrapers (Vornado Realty), this man has his degree in Urban Planning from Cornell and is also an MBA from Columbia University. The other co-founder is Aaron Rudenstine. President of Citymaps, Rudenstine started as a product manager at CashEdge (Acquired by Fiserv for $465M) to become a builder of technology products. A bachelor from Harvard University and an MBA from Harvard Business School, Rudenstine also received HBS Leadership Fellowship Award from the Business School.


The first social mapping startup based in NYC,’Citymaps’ had received $2.5M last year and again $1.5M this year. “Social Mapping” concept gained grounds through this startup in 2012. Urban Planner Cohen and technology Product Builder Rudenstine had designed a map before they formed the the citymapping app. This map was for NYC and in a very short span of time was declared as the official map of NYC by the city’s tourism department. It was elected to power around 35,000 TaxiTVs across the world.Goldman Sach renamed them as “breakout company”. With hundreds and thousands of downloads happening from everywhere, the duo decided to make a personalized map for the global mass.

Your Personal Social Mapping App

It’s easy to map from one point to another, like from point A to point B. Citymap however does not aim to give you directions from A-B or vice-versa. They aim to launch a social map platform focusing on discovery, personalization and mapmaking. They build map engine from the ground up to be scalable and dynamic. Every restaurant, hotels, stores on Citymaps are shown by its logo, so its easy to pinpoint and search places. The map also features standard navigation capabilities, turn-by-turn directions, finding a store by just one touch, and streaming of real-time Instagram photos, menus and comments from users for every location. Recently, Rudenstine was quoted by TechCrunch “Google Maps is the hallmark of maps. It’s a terrific product. But our whole vision for maps from day one — when Elliot approached me and said he had this loony idea to create a new map — is that maps should be more than just utilities that help you get from point A to point B.”

With a team of 15 creative people, Citymaps has a big idea to make real, and they are doing so pretty exquisitely. A first of its kind, this app will soon make its entry on Android stores too! If you thought only Atlas and globes, or A-B online directions were Wow, get ready for much more insight into the mapping world. You will have your own map, as well as get access to those of your friends, locals and/or publishers. If you thought updating your location on social networking sites was cool, here’s something more to it!

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