New Design, iPad Mini giveaway and lots of amazing gadgets for gizmo fans- The Gadget Flow is brimming with energy!


The Gadget Flow has been making people fall in love more and more with their awesome and exclusive gadgets. While the best gadgets take shelter at The Gadget Flow, the gadget-freak team is now making many changes to make the user experience more refined. Browsing through gadgets has now become more optimized and effortless. The bugs have been thrown out, new design is live, and what more- The Gadget Flow now have their best picks featured right on the homepage. All the amazing stuff will catch your attention immediately as you log in because they are now sliding left to right on the top!


The Gadget Flow is all decked up in “new” features- new submission area, press page, About Us page and Contact Us page. That is not the end- there’s more. There are now two sidebars on each gadget page so that you have your options ready to navigate further. The mobile and tablet version has been redesigned along with improving the site performance for tablets and mobiles. The “Editor’s Pick” has been replaced by “We Like” widget. There are much more subtle yet prominent changes happening on the site. The Gadget Flow team is looking forward to launch their new iOS app that will have “wishlist” integrated along with “search” feature. This is supposed to happen in September but before that they are still counting on users’ opinions!


With so many changes happening and The Gadget Flow becoming more and more appealing to us, the big news that’s’ sliding on the top bar is The Gadget Flow’s ‘Giveaway’ news. The Gadget Flow and Cloudie.Co has recently launched iPad Mini black & slate 16GB wifi giveaway along with their new design. All you need to do is participate by following the instructions noted there. This will happen for 20 days after which the winner will be announced on their slider and other social media platforms. You can log in with your Facebook ID or your mail account to participate. Have you enrolled yet? Hurry. 20 Days only!

We at StartupsFM are equally excited regarding the giveaway and are also loving the new design. While the excitement of the giveaway brews, we bring you latest gadgets from the gadget hub that might make you fall weak on your knees! We know it happens- Gadgets showcased here are too cool to resist! We hope you have your credit/debit cards ready!

Sailcloth Beanbags


Made out from authentic sailcloth, these Quba beanbags are extremely durable, and are sure to add to your home decor- indoors or outdoors! These have linings that makes removing and washing the sailcloth easy. Each beanbag exported from The Gadget Flow are unique. There is not one single beanbag that is similar to another. Unique and stylish for your kid’s room or your backyard, these beanbags come at a price of just $654!

Minions Wall Decal


Did you love those minions in Despicable 2? Now you can have these Minions in a giant wall decal in your room. They are removable and re-positionable. These stickers stay glued to any smooth surface- whether its your door or your walls. So, now staying with minions is possible at a price of $18 only. Stick them up together and transcend into the world of Despicable Me 2.

Tentacle Wall Decal


If you wished to have vinyl art on those empty walls, here it is. Hiring an artist might take away a lot of your time and it cannot be cheaper in anyway. So, The Gadget Flow brings you Tentacle Wall decals at $35 only in small and large pieces. While the small ones can be done within minutes, the large ones might take a little more time. You can apply them to any smooth surface. Each design has its set of easy instructions for you to follow. Originally created designs from Sticker-brand design, these assure you of a superior quality and exclusive workmanship. Beware of knockoffs!

Digital Luggage Scale


You have a flight to catch and you need to keep a track on the weight you impose on your luggage. None of us have become so precise in measuring weight of a luggage by just picking it up. We can assume it, but at times we need a definite number. Digital Luggage Scale at $32 has made weighing luggages fast and simple. It can weigh up to 85 pounds. You can now be sure whether you are meeting those airline requirements.

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