Why are businesses looking for more DIY solutions?


Nowadays, DIY trend has become a popular reality in the world of innovations. Recent years have been steadily marked by the increasing influence of the new generation Do-It-Yourself tools, which have now become credible alternatives to the paid professional services overflowing on the market. Certainly, they cannot replace the expertise and know-how of a professional, but still deliver quality, fast and cost-efficient solutions for thousands of marketers, entrepreneurs, self-employed, freelancers, etc. More and more start-up companies, being on a tight budget, are also venturing into this forward looking approach to help their businesses grow.

Why DIY solutions have become a recent common business practice?

Out of my work experience as a Marketing and community manager of Puzl – a DIY business website builder, I have come to realize that contrary to the general beliefs, the actual reasoning for DIY practice goes far beyond saving money and time.


Cutting costs is sure dominant, still there are number of impetuses to mention, being more related to the emotional nature of human behavior

Using DIY solutions to…

  • …Challenge the unknown
  • …Take things in your own hands
  • …Unleash creativity to full potential
  • …Acquire new professional skills
  • …Achieve exactly what you want
  • …Cherish personal achievement
  • …Retain full business control
  • …Increase efficiency of processes

Puzl-DIY-website-builderGreat examples of DIY tools are website builders. Having been subjected to a progressive development and improvement over the past years, they have evolved from being aids for website developers wanting to create custom sites, to now become, tools allowing anyone to easily create and customize a website. No need to have any understanding of code or complex design principles; thanks to intuitive interfaces, site builders guide you through the creation, design, customization and even optimization (visibility inside the result of search engines) of your website.

Explore some key benefits of DIY tools whilst taking website builders as an example

  1. Manage it yourself – The best in using DIY tools is the idea to manage it all alone. You are not required to learn code or have extensive programming knowledge or computer skills. Most DIY platforms are intuitive and easy to operate – quick registration processes, friendly interfaces based on drag and drop systems and great variety of website design themes ready to apply. Let your ideas and imagination do the rest.
  2. Cut costs – Online website builders are usually affordable. That is an essential benefit for businesses, wanting to maintain cost low. Thus, they have the opportunity to save those expenses and invest them in another area of marketing. Some of the website building platforms may charge a monthly fee which is still way more cost-efficient than hiring a web design professional. Furthermore, there are a bunch of freemium website builders offering completely free basis versions which users can upgrade with advanced paid premium features. Puzl is one of those examples.
  3. Save time – Online builders are designed to help you create an impressive website within minutes, still leveraging a high quality result. The great thing about it is that you are master of your time having the freedom to work on your own website whenever your timetable allows it. No need to waste weeks scheduling third parties’ assistance or getting lost in explanations of how you want your website to look like. You can now easily do it yourself exactly the way you have imaged it.
  4. Maintain complete control – If you want to make changes to your website, even after it’s published, you can do it yourself without waiting for an expert help or going through a third-party. Being able to edit changes and fulfill improvements at any time, you thus retain a full control over your website.
  5. Get flexibility of design – Flexibility offered by website builders is one of their greatest advantages, letting you create a unique website design according to your current business targets. It furthermore gives you the liberty to be on top of the tide, delivering up-to-date data of your products with continuous adjustments while keeping your site catchy and responsive to the latest tech novelties.
  6. Entrust proficient customer support – Most website building interfaces are highly intuitive and designed to be easy to use, but just in case, all reputable companies now provide professional customer support 24/7. That only means one thing – customer service agents will be there for you to solve problems in due time. On top, if feeling not competent enough, you can also ask for expert advisory on content and design to make sure your site boasts a professional vision.

What a better way to relate the benefits above with some real users’ insights on the topic.

Check out what Puzl members have shared about their experience with the tool


Reviewer: Jullian Evangelo , Hair stylist
Location: Manchester, UK

“Definitely a great tool worth trying! The entire process of creation is optimized and going smoothly. The drag and drop system makes it easy and fun to move, edit and resize all elements to get the results desired. I liked the free templates tailored in accordance with the specific business areas of expertise. The choice of widgets t gave me the opportunity to further customize my site and make it unique. What impressed me really much was the accurate customer service every time I had some design issues. In plus the platform is SEO optimized which is extremely important for a website to be kept visible in the Search engine results. “

Reviewer: Paul Forrester
Location: Brighton, UK

“I never thought that it would be possible to accomplish all of my site goals through the use of a free web builder service. Nevertheless, I have been proved quite wrong by Puzl. And I am extremely happy to say that I can admit this without shame! This company has provided absolutely everything one needs to build a professional looking (and functioning) site. And best of all, it is still FREE!”

Reviewer: Shannon Gulling
Location: York, UK

“After having used this system for some time now, I must say that it is excellent. Highly recommended. The beautiful thing is that most people will probably not expect too much from a free service. However, everything about this one is a winner. They could easily charge real money for what they are now giving away for free. In fact, I would urge everyone thinking about their own site to jump in now before they come to their senses and starting charging what it is actually worth!”


Reviewer: Laura Clayton, Start-up entrepreneur
Location: London, UK

“I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, when a friend of mine gave me the idea to try and build my own business website. My first thought was: How can I do that and achieve satisfactory results when lacking elementary programming experience? I was pretty astonished that all I needed was my creative approach and having a general vision of how my website should look like. The rest was done by the drag and drop interface, letting you easily place and resize widgets while working on the templates that you have chosen for your website. It’s amazing how a free online tool can offer such customization and individuality. The final outcome was really worth it!”

Reviewer: Frederique Briest, Spa Centre
Location: Paris, France

“When I decided to create a website for my Spa & Wellness center, I had a decent research on the web to get familiar with all the features and options fake webpage makers offer. Definitely one of the best things within the platform was the fact that unlike most of the tools on the web, Puzl runs an ad-free configuration. You will admit that no one likes his products and services to be placed in a row with a bunch of distracting competitor banners. “Unlimited pages” option was as well a crucial factor to choose Puzl. “

Reviewer: Jordan Jackson, Photographer
Location: North Carolina, US

“What I have learned from my own experience with Puzl is that creating a website doesn’t have to be this complicated, time-consuming or expensive. The quick-start layouts and drag and drop interface perfectly made the trick for me. There was no need to wait weeks or even months to get my website up and running. Puzl DIY tool approach was definitely what I was looking for to have the freedom to make my website an active part of the social media happenings as I could share any of my artwork via all major social media channels just in a click… ”


Puzl-a-free-website-builderIn Today’s commercialized environment overloaded with tons of products and services, creating something alone is a wonderfully pleasurable experience. All those DIY tools are a great chance to help you reach your personal and business goals without investing a fortune doing so. I can only conclude this from the feedback I get about Puzl’ software but I bet that other DIY tools have had the same feedbacks. It is such an inexplicable feeling to see reactions of members, being exhilarated by the pleasure of having created alone a site which they would never have dreamed of attaining.

Guest post by Velly Angelova, marketing manager of Puzl.


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