Top 5 food Startups on Pinterest you would love to follow


StartupsFM is a team full of food-a-holics. We love to try out dishes, and at times spend our spare time simply browsing through menus or pictures of different foods. Since pictures intrigued us more than menu cards, we hopped onto Pinterest to see boards of various food startups or apps that can lead us to some wonderful food hubs. They are colorful and mouth-watering. So, we have chosen five such food related apps and startups whose boards have made us drool!



An iPhone app, HealthyOut lists all the awesome restaurants serving healthy meals. If you see its Pinterest board, you will find it to be an album full of less spicy food. They have boards dedicated to restaurants of different places individually listing healthy restaurants so that if you are in that city and feel like continuing with your diet, you can simply decide where to go.


Love With Food

Love With Food brings organic, all-natural snacks to your doorstep at a membership of just $10 per month. At $10 you can get a box of eight or more snacks- and they are guaranteed to be healthy. The best part of this portal is- everytime you buy an item or box, they feed a meal to a hungry child. You can either purchase more of what you have already tried or redeem the same with points you make while shopping. If you visit its Pinterest page you will simply fall in love with the foods available and you will also feel good that while you buy such awesome foods, a hungry child out there gets a meal.



Only tea lovers can understand the feeling when the awesome smell of tea leaves hit their noses! Tealet is for them. High quality loose tea leaves are delivered to your doorstep on a bi-monthly basis. Get the best quality curated tea leaves straight from its growers. No third party in between. You choose from a list of various tea flavour from across the globe and get it shipped to your doorstep. Their Pinterest board is like a tea-plantation area- lush green tea leaves all over the page! You will have a sensation of getting that smell of liquor tea while looking at these boards.



This is a place where you can buy great gourmet stuff from their makers directly. Visit this site and you will just feel more hungry than you thought you were. Exclusive gourmet items are made and packed, and are there on display for you to purchase. Whether you want it for yourself or gift to someone, this is just the place for food lovers. If you are an excellent maker, then also this is the right place for you to sell. Their Pinterest board is filled with gourmet items you might have not known or might have been looking for at your nearby shops but never got it. Now that you are here, treat your eyes with these bright colored items. To satisfy your tummy, let your credit or debit cards do the rest!



Here’s one platform that brings together passionate cooks and adventurous eaters together. How? If you love to cook food and treat people, then come to Feastly. Your home made food can now reach out to other food lovers. You decide the menu, reserve a place, invite people, charge some amount as a token for your treat. If you are not into cooking but love eating, then search for treats happening out there at Feastly, join in and enjoy homemade food along with meeting new people. Once you see their Pinterest page you will just wait to join in such a dinner or be a chef and treat others who are looking out for homemade food! This is the all new social dining and is of course a great start for the “sharing economy” that has just spread out its wings.



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