This September buckle up to be a part of top 5 Hackathons happening across the globe

Hollister Deutschland
mulberry factory shop
lancel pas cher
MBT Italia





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Established companies are presently looking up to hackathons in search for a good developer, designer or technologist

What started as a friendly meetup of engineers has become a competition to search the best minds and hustlers

Across the globe, hackathons are happening in college campuses as well as within each company

A continuous hacking marathon is filled with energy, loads of food, beer and hacking some cool apps that are judged after 24 or 36 hours of intensive coding

Hackathons are where any developer would want to be

A cash prize and a ready platform to do something-Hackathons have become the hub for geeks

Not limiting its spread to technology, Hackathons have also become a medium to address various social issues


html” target=”_blank”>HackFit


com/” target=”_blank”>OnDeck Cup 2013


com/” target=”_blank”>Emirates Travel Hackathon

org/” target=”_blank”>MHacks

com/” target=”_blank”>20over20

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