This September buckle up to be a part of top 5 Hackathons happening across the globe


Established companies are presently looking up to hackathons in search for a good developer, designer or technologist. What started as a friendly meetup of engineers has become a competition to search the best minds and hustlers. Across the globe, hackathons are happening in college campuses as well as within each company. A continuous hacking marathon is filled with energy, loads of food, beer and hacking some cool apps that are judged after 24 or 36 hours of intensive coding. Hackathons are where any developer would want to be. A cash prize and a ready platform to do something-Hackathons have become the hub for geeks. Not limiting its spread to technology, Hackathons have also become a medium to address various social issues.


For example, around 150 technologists from Google, Bank of America, Facebook, Microsoft, Zynga and LinkedIn came down to San Francisco to make a progressive technology for the coming era of Christianity from June 28-30,2013.

With Hackathons emerging as the most potential way to get connected with some of the brightest developers, StartupsFM has listed top 5 hackathons happening across the globe!



Date: September 20-22, 2013.
Location: Boston.

Hacking immediately flashes an image of a geeky guy or gal sitting glued to the computer screen and coding. Sleepless and foodless coding is not what HackFit believes in. The first of its kind, this time Hackathon will be healthy. Founder of HackFit Justin Mendelson has introduced a new hackathon where hackers will have time to sleep, will work out and will have hours dedicated only to coding. Hacking for 48 hours at a stretch was worrying you? Well, get your tickets to HackFit which is to host its healthy hacking spree at Cambridge on September 20-22 in collaboration with Microsoft NERD and Brooklyn Boulders Somerville.

OnDeck Cup 2013


Date:Beginning from September 7-8, 2013 at Boston.
Location: Spread across four regions till October, 2013- Boston, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Here’s a hackathon focussed on sports! Geeks or nerds who are passionate about sports and coding equally are welcome to this hackathon that has already started off at Boston on September 7. The next will be at New York on September 21-22, 2013, followed by Los Angeles- September 28-29 and last at San Francisco on October 5-6, 2013. Developers, designers and technologists from across the globe are invited to participate in this hackathon that aims to build a cool technology that would contribute to the life of a sports fan. A weekend will be completely dedicated to bringing in some innovative ideas that can improve our entire approach towards how we analyse and enjoy sports in the coming years.

Emirates Travel Hackathon


Date: September 21-22, 2013.
Location: Mountain View, CA.

Emirates Hackathon calls developers and designers to join hands to build a travel-centric app putting into use web and mobile APIs. A session of brainstorming and hacking is about to begin at Microsoft Silicon Valley from 12pm on September 21 till 4 pm on September 22. Either join an existing team or create your own unique one. Meet some of the smartest and coolest students and professionals and get going! Traveling experience can get more exquisite. Emirates Hackathon has given the shout out to all the nerds out there to come under one roof and make traveling experience a lot like a dream vacation with their apps.



Date: September 20-22, 2013.
Location: The Big House, University of Michigan.

If you are an undergraduate and a passionate hacker, this is where you ought to be. MHacks is a student-run hackathon for students. Discard the existing projects and jump into making a new awesome one. If you don’t have a team, stay relaxed. There will be enough time to come and meet new students and make your own team. The only criterion is to carry your own laptops. And you can lay your hands upon 3rd party APIs and libraries as well. The remaining will be taken care off. All 6 meals, a whole lot of activities and 36 hours coding- this will be fun and energetic as well. Oh! better not forget to carry your clothes and toiletries. 1000+ hackers from 100+ universities will put in their best shots for the $30,000+ cash prize. The last issue- traveling is also managed- as they say “travel is on us”. Have you registered yet?



Date: September 18-22, 2013.
Location: Dallas.

20over20 is looking to address 20 problems troubling us for more than 20 years. Although technology has advanced a lot, still there are certain issues that have been ignored for past two decades. A business idea arises from an existing problem- having this motto in mind, 20over20 has taken up the responsibility to address 20 such innovative laggards. There are two ways to participate- you either post a problem or you submit your team profile willing to hack in regards to any of the problems that get listed. On September 18, your team will have 18 hours to choose a problem you want to deal with. The hack marathon starts off from September 19 at 12pm and continues till September 22 till 4pm. The hacking will be followed by a 20 minute presentation from your team and a 10 minute Q&A session, after which the judges will decide on the winner and announce the same. So, are you facing any trouble that needs to be addressed technically? Post it. If you think you are good enough to solve any of the problems troubling this planet, register and get your hacking skills tested.

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