Hive For BitTorrent-Linked Unlimited Social Cloud Storage and Sharing


The founders of QVIVO, which already has a growing reputation as an innovative and disruptive force in the cloud media storage arena, take it one step further with Hive, which they call a “radical new social cloud concept.” Hive offers you the ability to upload unlimited files completely free of cost. You’re part of a “Hive,” as in a social circle of friends and family with whom you can share pictures, videos and other files of any size with a single click.

The kicker is that Hive is bittorrent-enabled

So this means that you don’t have to spend an eternity downloading torrent files and then break your head against low upload speeds as you try to share it online. You simply drag and drop the torrent link into Hive, and they’ll retrieve the file. This is one of those things that seem so simple and essential afterwards that everyone wonders why they didn’t do it too.


Quivo.Your Media.Anytime.Anywhere

QVIVO has already rocked the boat for cloud content sharing and syncing companies by adding a whole lot more value to basic storage. You can upload a file using one device to your personal media cloud on QVIVO, and it’ll be available across all your devices. You can pause a file half-way on your laptop, and pick it up from there on your iPad or smartphone, or the other way round. By throwing torrents and social sharing to the mix, and offering unlimited storage free of cost, Hive is going even farther and really pushing the frontiers on how far a cloud storage service can go.

The free unlimited storage takes away a lot of hassles of limitation

The free unlimited storage makes it a heck of a lot better than Dropbox where your storage is limited to 2GB, which virtually rules out uploading entire albums, movies or iso files. Mega does offer 50GB of free storage, but it lacks some of the sophistication and advanced features that Dropbox users enjoy.


Hive Search

Hive is in open beta

This is where Hive is trying to sneak in and build a user base. It’s currently in the open betaphase, but that won’t make much a difference afterwards because the important features will still be free and you will be able to continue uploading, sharing and storing unlimited files of any size. Their premium model only kicks in for streaming video and audio directly from Hive. Premium users also get uncapped downloads and streaming speeds, with stored media automatically converted to streaming formats.

Hive’s UI and premium features

Again there’s an innovation here, because the Hive premium user cost is inversely related to the number of friends in your hive. You start off with a $9/month plan as a premium user. Once you have 10 friends in your hive, the cost drops down to $6/month. When you hit 50 friends, it drops to $3. At 100 friends, you are now a premium Hive user who doesn’t have to pay a single cent.


Hive Activity Feed

Then there’s the question of site usability, which in this case is pretty simple and straightforward. There’s a sidebar on your left that shows how many friends you have and how much storage space you are using. There’s a dropdown list hat has your files categorized into folders such as documents, photos, videos and pending transfers. The central part is a clean and simple place for sorting and viewing your files and activity, including a list of ongoing uploads and transfers.


Hive Music Player

Hive founder and CEO Liam McCallum says,


The whole thing is perfectly secure and safe from prying eyes on the open Internet. You can share your files with a trusted circle, but no one else can see what you have. Links and downloads are locked and encrypted with SSL, and all your files are stored in data centers in Switzerland and Germany, where the governments take privacy rights very seriously.

It’s all good and very disruptive, but here’s a thought – What happens if Hive becomes so popular that everybody’s eventually got more than 100 friends in their hive? McCallum will no doubt feel it would be a good thing for Hive to have to deal with this kind of challenge.

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