Motion and precise positioning technology start-up Beestar launched its flagship range, QuASP™ at Techcrunch Disrupt


Motion and precise positioning technology start-up Beestar launched its flagship range, QuASP™ at this week’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco. They’ve also started an Indiegogo campaign.


Beestar is comprised of a group of technology professionals with specialisms in mechatronics, product strategy, software and hardware, the company engineers, develops and manufactures hardware and software to provide the most advanced solutions in the field of motion and position tracking for individuals and teams.

Last time we covered them, they had built an educational product on top of their technology. They’ve now developed a wearable sports related motion and position sensor system aimed at the sports market as well as quantified sellers.


The QuASP™ (Quantified Acceleration Speed and Position) platform breaks the barrier of inch accurate positioning, enabling the capability to record and visualize the quantification of multiple observation points such as multiple athletes in real-time motion. For teams and individuals at all levels of sport, this will be a game-changer. For the first time, pro-level performance analysis is made possible for all users, not just the pro teams.


For example, if a golfer uses the QuASP™ they would place it on their wrist. Measurements of speed, acceleration and position of their swing is measured allowing them to see swing speed, angle of impact and even position so that it’s clear at which hole the swing was placed. Or take soccer, measurements of acceleration over time are taken for each and every player on the field so it’s easy to see who got tired, what the impact was on the force of their shots, and what the training needs are for each player.


Emanuele Francioni, Beestar’s CEO and founder commented: “Natural talent will always lie at the heart of sporting success, but for competitiveness at the highest level in the 21st Century, innate ability must be combined with the meticulous application of cutting edge technology in the training and conditioning of athletes. That’s where QuASP™ comes in.
Beestar aim to meet the requirements of a variety of clients, through rolling out a range of QuASP™ services, including QuASP™ Light, which works with an Android or iPhone app to provide utilities including the energetic cost of training, acceleration patterns, an athletic resume service, and sport team tactic quantification. In addition to which a complete speed and acceleration profile is shown at every single inch; users can play, rewind and pause while viewing their past performances; and define training- and team goals.

Offering the services of QuASP™ Light in real time thanks to an additional hardware component, QuASP™ Pro offers an even greater degree of sophistication, with added services including real time tracking of whole teams and real-time analysis of shocks during tackles or impacts.


The third and final service in the range, QuASP™ Premium provides all the same features as QuASP™ Pro, with added remote data storage and historical data access and analysis.
“The QuASP™ is not designed to replace the essential roles of strong character and coaching wisdom in achieving sporting greatness, rather, it exists to give athletes and coaches a competitive advantage over their rivals by providing the crystal clear, highly accurate data they need to make well-informed decisions, both in competition and in training. This isn’t about changing the nature of sport. It’s about providing the very best with the tools they need to become even better.”

Image courtesy: QuASP: Wearable Sensors for Team Sports on Indiegogo Campaign


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