This week’s Top 5 irresistible Gadgets from The Gadget Flow


Gadgets have become instrumental in making our lives simple and really quick. Truly speaking, we don’t have time to slow down. These gadgets in various shapes and functions have become an integral part of our lives, whether we use it because we are in love with them or use it because it serves our purpose. Daily chores are gadget-dependent today. Understanding the need and importance of making things automated, The Gadget Flow keeps on adding new gadgets to their hub. StartupsFM team is back with this week’s top 5 gadgets from The Gadget Flow. Its not necessary that all gadgets are meant to reduce the workload. Gadget Flow houses some gadgets that are instrumental in reducing stress too! The other reason we talk about them is – We love gadgets and they are really cool!

Shot Glasses


With a look of camera lens, here’s a hot glass just perfect for your espresso break. It comes in a pack of three. Your photography friends will surely love to have coffee with you just so that they can sip espresso from this photo-tactic glass. Realistic camera detailing and made out of opaque glass, this glass shot comes at a price of $19 only. If coffee doesn’t excite you, 50ml of your favorite tipple will look just perfect. Weekend got just a little tippy, isn’t it?

The Berlin Boombox


Bringing back the oldschool boomboxes to this age, Berlin-based designer and illustrator Axel Pfaender has designed this Berlin Boombox, a MP3 sound system which comes at a price of just $80. The black and white combination makes it an attention catcher. The boombox is made out of heavy corrugated cardboard, featuring a strong handle to carry it around. A single big knob to turn the power and volume gives it the retro touch. It comes as a kit which has die-cut cardboard structure and also all the electronic parts. Assembling it is not a tough job. Free of glue and tools, its just a matter of few minutes. And yes, you needn’t be a geek to set this up! A manual is provided for you to guide you through each step.

British Flag Umbrella


Your love for Great Britain and the British Royal Family just got a mode of expression- The British Flag Umbrella. Show your love with this high quality golfers umbrella. Sport an Union Flag/ Union Jack at a cost of $17. While your love gets professed, stay dry even in the heaviest of downpour!

The Godfather Secret Safe Flask Book


Your flask secret is safe now! The Godfather by Mario Puzo Safe Flask Book has a special hollow with a stainless steel 6 oz flask fitted in it, and its just $56. It will be a secret even if your book is an upright position. You can get it even in its original dust-jacket with an iconic image of marionette strings on the front, and the name of the author/title to go with it in white. This book has a magnetic closure to hold your flask. Avail red and black patterned paper lining flask hollow.

Floating Waterproof Table Tennis


What’s more cool than a 27″$52 W x 54″ L Floating Waterproof Table tennis in your pool? Whether you are an expert or a novice, it’s surely fun to play while you beat the heat in waters. The hard surface is perfect for your shots while the soft sides doesn’t harm you when you are in action. This table is awesome for games outside the pool too. So when you don’t feel like swimming and playing, you can play without floating! The colourful oversized paddles, net with supporters and three regulation balls- all come together, and all float as well. This kit is mainly for ages 8 and above. Get this floating table at $52, and let your pool game begin!

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