“Be there to witness the future, as it happens” @WIRED 2013 this October


This October London is gearing up for the electrifying conference. On 17th and 18th October 2013, WIRED 2013 together with Telefónica will be back to celebrate people and ideas that make up WIRED. The third annual event is happening yet again to relive the values of WIRED. This 2 day conference will be home to awesome futuristic ideas. Speakers from across the globe will be here to shed light new ideas. Those participating will come face to face with newest of innovations and embark on a journey of inspiration and discovery. WIRED 2013 can be called a catalyst for spreading ideas across the globe.


The themes for WIRED 2013 will include “Bringing the next billion online“, “the brain decode“, “the new makers” and “the power of the unseen“. Thinkers and rule breakers from every corner will come together because they don’t like to accept the world as it is, and they aspire to change it with their high thoughts and ideals. The strict boundaries for diverse fields like pop culture, healthcare, nanotechnology, big data, social media, business and many more will be pushed further to make place for new innovative ideas.

The WIRED event has been a huge success from the time it started in 2011. Basking in the glory of success and praise from first two years, this year be sure to see an unique blend of people. Delegates will come over to broadcast concepts, talk on the event content and establish new connections.


What will follow is WIRED Next Generation event : A one day event to celebrate and inspire entrepreneurs of the future, on 19th October 2013 at the same place. On this day, around 50 speakers, technologists, innovators, performers, inspirational entrepreneurs and artists will come down to lighten up London’s Tobacco Dock from 10 am to 6 pm. While tickets are already put up on sale for this event, another awesome way to reach here is- WIRED Next Generation App Competition. If you are a school student aged between 12-16, and you have an idea to build an app that will be instrumental in solving any problem and rank yourself among 50 best app designers, then your ticket to WIRED 2013 Next Generation is confirmed. Criteria on which entries will be judged are:

  • The originality of idea.
  • Creativity of the solution.
  • Feasibility of the app.

The next obvious question is : How to apply.
Here it goes:

  • Use the Online Competition Entry Form.
  • Provide an elaborate description on the problem you want to solve; like: what is the problem, who are being affected. (approximately in 300 words).
  • Explain in details the idea of your app and how your app will solve that problem. (approximately in 300 words).
  • Give a detail on how your app will work, i.e. what are the resources you will need? Which sensors on the mobile will be put into use(like camera, etc), etc.
  • You can attach a digital file along with the written submission that might vary from fully coded app, or a video explaining your idea, or scanned paper sketches of how your app might look like, etc. But this is optional.

It is strongly advised to go for openly available resources like image recognition tools, available data and maps, social networking, etc.

Recommended resources:

Last date for submission is: September 13, 2013.

For other terms and conditions, you can hop in here.


If all these details aren’t enough to convince you to reserve your seat, here’s few testimonials from those who attended WIRED 2011 and 2012.

A great event. On the first day, more than 11 hours past and I didn’t look at my watch once. A great lineup of speakers and a fluid, fast transition between presenters meant the event maintained momentum“~ Brian Latham, Head of Marketing Communications, Telefónica Multinational Solutions.

Left the event saturated in insight and inspiration. So refreshing to be part of a group of people that so fully embraces the power of innovation. An almost religious experience!“~ Josh Robinson,Director Of Creative & Integrated Solutions, Sports Revolution.

All I can say is that WIRED 2012 inspires people to swim out of the swamp of sameness. I left inspired wanting and needing to do more for myself and the world.”~ Adam Springfeldt, Creative Director, Acne Advertising, Sweden.

The WIRED 2013 tickets are available, and the most exciting part is, the price is same as that of 2012.
Another cool information to take note of: Are you a WIRED Magazine Reader? Hola! 10% off for WIRED Magazine Subscribers.
If you are a group of 5+, then 15% discount has been announced. Get in touch with [email protected] for your promo code!

Date: October 17-18, 2013.
Venue: Tobacco Dock, London.
Ticket Price: £1,590 (Includes VAT).

Get connected and inspired. Be a part of this electrifying conference where its all about being “positive”.

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