Top 5 super-effective Classes and Workshops on General Assembly This Weekend


No doubt you have plans for the weekend, but if you are willing to interrupt the mind-meld with your couch and television long enough to take a look at General Assembly, this could yet turn out to be the weekend that changes the course of your life.General Assembly is an educational institution with a difference, launched in 2011 in New York City. They empower individuals to pursue the work you love, and learn to do so in a flexible manner through an array of classroom and online learning formats.

Take your pick of the 21st century skills you need for a new career or a jump up the ladder in business, technology or design. You can start off with anything from web development to user experience design, business fundamentals, computer science fundamentals, data science, digital marketing and product management.


The best part is that you get to master your preferred subject in a format that is convenient and suitable for you – General Assembly has nine campuses on three continents, and that’s just the classroom part of it. You may also choose to learn online, which again can be either as an interactive live stream or on-demand learning at your convenience.

Where you want to start and how deep you want to delve into the subject is again up to you. General Assembly offers an array of formats, including:-

Immersives – These are 8-12 week full time programs;

Courses – Long-form offerings that provide a comprehensive understanding of a specific topic;

Classes – Sessions offering a quick overview of the basics, along with practical insights and tactical approaches; and

Workshops – A hand-on exploration of the topic, with accelerated learning through breakout sessions, case studies, live programming and prototyping.

Now that you know what it’s all about, this might be a good time to find out more about the top 5 classes and workshops on General Assembly this weekend.

1. Digital Marketing For Business Growth

Workshop by Eric Morrow, Digital Marketer, IBM

This workshop is for marketers and business owners who want to engage their customer base and acquire new users. Practically speaking, you will learn how to create content for social and email, master tools such as Google Analytics, and find out how to optimize across various channels using Lean Startup ideas.


At General Assembly, those who teach, also do. Eric Morrow, your instructor for this workshop, is a digital marketer with IBM and helps everyone from large multinationals to individual professionals and artists gain customers by tapping into the power of digital media.

2. Understanding Mobile User Experience

Workshop by Luke Miller, Experience Designer, Yahoo!

You get to examine several mobile system architectures, learn about usability evaluation methods and find out about the latest UI design patterns. Learn how to use tools to create UX documentation, and implement a mobile strategy under different contexts.


Luke Miller, your instructor for this workshop, has a Masters in Information Science and designs native mobile experiences for Yahoo! in New York.

3. iOS Programming Workshop, Part I

Workshop by Teddy Wyly, iOS Developer, Bitfountain

This is a two-part workshop series where you get to learn how to develop iOS apps. This workshop series is ideal for both entrepreneurs who want to develop an iPhone and iPad app for their own business, and for new developers looking to get started with a career in mobile application development.


Teddy Wyly, your instructor, works as a developer for iOS development agency BitFountain, and has studied at Stanford in Silicon Valley.

4. Introduction to Front End Web Development and Design Part I: HTML & CSS

Workshop by Larry Buchanan, journalist, designer and coder, The New Yorker and Dustin Coates, Engineer, General Assembly

This is again a two-part workshop series where you get to learn the fundamentals of web design and development, with a focus on using HTML and CSS.


Your instructors are Larry Buchanan and Dustin Coates. Buchanan is a journalist for The New Yorker, and an accomplished freelance designer whose client list includes Mashable, Nike, ESPN and the U.S. government, among others. Coates is General Assembly’s own designer, and specializes in front-end development and Ruby on Rails.

5. UI/UX Brand Design Critique Session

Workshop by Tammy Guy, Founder, Tammy Guy Design

If you are badly in need of some professional design input regarding your web or mobile-based product, then this is where you want to be at. This class will allow individuals and small teams the opportunity to have their work reviewed in an informal setting with the instructor.


Tammy Guy is a creative and usability consultant with 12 years of experience that includes stints as the creative director at LivePerson, Inc. and as design group manager at the Hertz Corporation. TML

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