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Days and weeks might just pass away in a snap, but love for gadgets is here to stay! Confused? We might forget to do important tasks and get ourselves in trouble, but love for gadgets for Gen-X is so deep seated that once a while we just need to hop into “The Gadget Flow” and check what’s new! The catch is, even the oldies are in love with these gadgets. With the new “Gadget Flow on Steroids“, Gadget Flow became more faster, speedier, better, smarter and cooler! We at StartupsFM loved the new feature, and we are sure you will love it too. For now, here are this week’s top 5 gadgets that we loved.

The Giveaway of the Week: Sport iPhone 5/5S Case by Hard Graft

The Gadget Flow has put up an awesome Sport iPhone 5/5S Case by Hard Graft as this week’s giveaway. It’s time to push the fifth gear because the giveaway will end on September 27. So, time’s running! Only 3 days more. Put your foot right on the accelerator and rush in to enter this giveaway with your Facebook ID or your Email.

The case opens sideways, giving you a feeling like your phone will just peep out to say hello anytime! Don’t worry. It won’t fall off, the black elastic will hold it just in the right place! Its not symmetrical but its balanced. Slim and handy are its unique features. The herringbone elastic sports a smart tailored detail, enhancing the leather and wool.

Gold Nine Millimeter Earphones


Are you looking for a stylish pair of earphones? Well, how about a royal gold colored one! At $159 only, treat your ears with these earphones offering tight, low and thundering bass; accurate and enveloping sound; and, clear, smooth mids for unmatched sound purity. The titanium coating over the deep gold colour gives it a stylish and elegant look. If good looks aren’t enough, then it features Kevlar-reinforced cloth cables that ensure style and durability. The NINES are a leader when it comes to performance audio with an addition of an in-line single button suppressor [M]ic control that keeps it in touch while you are in motion. What more, it comes with a carrying case made out of ballistic nylon, and 1 set of replacement- S,M,L Silicon Hollow Point tips with MUNITO’s patent pending technology for increased isolation and audio clarity. Whether its your smartphone or tablet or any industry-lead MP3 player, these earphones are compatible with all of them!

Army Man Bottle Opener


Well, to be honest Swiss Army people might spend time fidgeting with guns and knives- but how about having an opener that looks like an army man. Army people are tough, and this Army Man Bottle Opener will give you a feeling like an army man is opening your bottle with his gun! At a price of just $12, this opener is made out of genuine die-cast metal. It measures 4.25″ high and 2.5″ wide. If you know any Army man personally, then this can be an ideal gift. When we talk of gift, its worth mentioning that its shipped in an illustrated gift grade package!

Astronauts Phone Stand


You just can’t deny that Astronauts are the coolest of all. So, here’s an astronaut for your phone! At only $20, you can have an Astronauts Phone stand. Its a heavy and sturdy one with a smartphone mount shaped. Your work space just got little galactic! Beautifully crafted, its solid enough to take the weight of smaller tablets too!

Ostrich PIllow Junior


You need not worry about power naps on chairs or bench or on your desk. Ostrich Pillow lets you take a nap anywhere. It’s designed to give you some private space even though you are in a public place. Rest and relaxation are now possible the moment you need it. The interior shelters isolate your head and hands so that you can sleep right where you are. This Ostrich pillow comes for juniors in two colours- Berry Snooze (red) and Dreamy Waves (Blue) at $80 only.

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