Etsy’s social commerce platform paving the way for a new economy-Facts, Stories and a Cheat Sheet


After we released an infographic on “The Rise of Social Commerce”, documenting its growth and its spread, this week we are up again to narrow down more on peer-to-peer marketplaces. This time it is Etsy-a force to be reckoned within social commerce by Pinterest. With over 800,000 online shops and 15 million one-of-a-kind items, Etsy is indeed re-imagining commerce!

Jennie-Smith-Etsy-Community-ManagerWhen we spoke to Jennie Smith, Etsy’s Australian Small Business Development Specialist on the broader picture of Etsy, she said, “Etsy helps build relationships in a marketplace that reconnects producers and consumers. Our mission is to re-imagine commerce in ways that build a more fulfilling and lasting world. Etsy is creating a new economy — one that is powered by people, more fair and sustainable.”

Rob Kalin, Founder of Etsy, has build a real big brand out of a name that literally means “Oh Yes” in Italian and “and if” in Latin, with all its positivity. He named his idea to Etsy as he was watching Fellini 8 1/2″. And today this marketplace is a home to myriad hand crafted goods running beautiful personal storefronts and glowing in the exuberance of freedom and becoming catalysts to a new economy. [Source: How did Etsy get its name]

To further improve user experience for its 60 million users, Etsy has also launched brand “Pages” in liaison with Apartment Therapy, Lucky, West Elm, Martha Stewart Weddings, Swiss Miss, Food52, and Babble. Etsy empowers the sellers and offers a bustling marketplace for them.

Explore Facts, Etsy Bestsellers, amazing Tips and a Cheat Sheet


You can download this PDF here: Etsy marks the beginning of a new economy

We decided to etch out a quick Cheat Sheet for sellers to help them spread their storefront on Etsy resonating open craft fairs from the middle ages.




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