The Top 4 Mobile Recognition Apps to Reward Employees


Employee recognition goes a long way in properly motivating workers, but it can be a tricky thing for some companies. Some bosses feel a gift card and a little recognition around the office is the way to go; others give out cash bonuses, while still others like to give employees fall flower arrangements. But everybody’s different, and recognition can’t be always be standardized. In other words, a spin of the proverbial company prize wheel may not fit the recognition sought by some employees.

Companies have begun a new trend: highlighting work achievements for employees via social media. Entrepreneur writes that speaking to employees where they “live” online helps motivate them, and it enables the company to go public with their praise. That’s an important consideration for companies, if they want to hold onto top talent. With more workers using mobile devices to work, play and shop, company recognition programs are going mobile. New mobile apps for employee recognition like Socialcast, GiveAWow, iAppreciate and Achievers are flooding the market. Let’s have a look at a few:

  • Socialcast (available on Android, iOS, Blackberry – free for the first 50 users in an organization) – Socialcast makes giving thanks to other employees easy. Using the Social Cast app lets leaders in organizations share praise with an employee, and it’s broadcast through the app universe. This tool helps motivate employees and increase employee engagement.
  • GiveAWow (available on Android, iOS – free for 30 days, then $99/month for 50 employees and under) – Is your company environment less formal or more exuberant? Then your company might be a better fit for the GiveAWow mobile app, which lets employees give each other mobile high-fives and share these on social networks. GiveAWow works with a bulletin board point system that’s redeemed through digital music downloads and other goodies.
  • iAppreciate (available on Android, iOS, Blackberry, free) – This is a wonderful mobile employee recognition app made by one of the oldest companies in the HR/employee field, O.C. Tanner. Through this app, employees can celebrate other employee milestones, send a note that shows an appreciation, acknowledge reward results and give all sorts of public praise. Of course, these messages are shareable on social networks, and it’s this ability to shine in your non-work areas that rings best with employees. Finally—their friends understand the work they do and see why they are good at it.
  • Globoforce Mobile (available on on iOS, free) – If your company is looking for a complete mobile app solution to drive employee recognition to higher levels, the Globoforce Mobile app is a good choice. It’s particularly great with employee awards; employees can choose to nominate and vote on other colleagues for awards, all the while congratulating colleagues on social networks for the recognition they deserve.
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  1. Alex Grande says:

    Check out and its innovative Yammer integration through browser extensions: Recognize is a growing player in the field.

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