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Do you have a potential startup idea? But having an idea is not all. You need to know where and how you will get your users, what will be your revenue model initially, how will you go about from day one. For all these, entrepreneurs are always searching for quick guidelines that will help them solve the initial issues of starting up.


StartupsFM team have listed top 5 guides available on StartupPlays that can come handy to all those who are planning to startup.

Startupplays-guide-Shopify-and-youTopping the charts is “Shopify & You: Opening Your Online Store” by Thomas Holmes. Currently in its second edition, this has more than 350 pages illustrated to help you open your online store. Its a step-by-step guide to help you understand everything related to opening your online store with Shopify. There are no jargons and its presented in an easy-to-read format as well. Download and start learning right away.

  • The takeaways in this guide:
  • Get familiar with the Shopify software.
  • Know how and where to find and choose a theme to design your store.
  • Learn how best you can display your products and product collections to get the maximum effect.
  • Learn how to create additional pages and a blog which can be updated easily.
  • It will be seen that visitors should be able to navigate to your shop.
  • Ins and outs of shipping fees, email notifications, payments, etc will be looked into next.
  • Get a hands-on knowledge on how to manage orders and your customer payments.

Price: $49.

Startupplays-how-to-get-your-first-1000-customersGetting the first 1,000 customers is not very easy, again its not impossible. You just need the right strategies. Its a challenge that every entrepreneur faces. Paul DeJoe, CEO of Ecquire, shares a detailed step-by-step guidance on how to get the first 1,000 customers for your startup in his book “How to Get your First 1,000 Customers“. Read through and you can immediately start implementing them to:

  • Understanding who are your customers.
  • Master your messaging.
  • Increase retention and paid conversions.
  • Interactive Content.

Its pointless to think that first you need to build your product and then customers will swim in automatically. It doesn’t work that way. Its a comprehensive procedure and you really need to focus on this even before your product is absolutely ready to get launched.
Price: $36.

Startupplays-how-to-do-keyword-research-for-SEOSince keyword research is next most vital thing when it comes to SEO, we listed “How to Do Keyword Research for SEO” by Nick Eubanks, VP of Digital Strategy at W.L. Snook & Associates, and also partner at Factor Media, in the third position. Its not possible to go about a search campaign without knowing exactly which keyword to target. The costs and returns from SEO cannot be calculated unless its clear as to with whom you are competing. Here’s one awesome guide which will help you go master the art of Keyword Research for SEO. The main highlights are:

  • How to identify the best keywords for your website.
  • How to identify search internet.
  • How to do SEO competitive analysis.
  • How to create a keyword opportunity model.
  • How to conduct a keyword performance audit.

Bonus features are:

  • Keyword Funnel Templates.
  • Download link to free keyword combiner tool.
  • Keyword opportunity template.

Add to your cart, it’s only $37.

Startupplays-how-to-get-media-coverageYou have a business model to start with, you have chalked out strategies to implement in order to acquire your first 1000 customers. You launch your product. What’s missing? That’s right. You need to spread the news that you are coming or you are ready to launch! Getting the press coverage is essential for your business. We have picked “How to get media coverage” by Adrian Salamunovic, Co-founder of DNA 11, and CanvasPop, as the best book on this topic. This book is a perfect guide to implement a successful and sustainable PR machine. You can directly start implementing all you learn to:

  • Understand to whom you should pitch, when you should pitch and where to find them.
  • Know the art of pitching- its not just about asking to be covered. You need to analyse what the readers want to hear from you, and accordingly decide your angle with different channels.
  • Leverage your contacts and press before, during, and after.
  • Interactive content.
  • Press coverage is not about being covered just once. Adrian talks about how to get repeatable small business PR in this book.

Price: $49.

Startupplays-web-copywriting-BibleBuilding the product and communicating about its gains and benefits with your customers should happen in not more than 30-45 seconds. Peep Laja talks about this in his book “The Web Copywriting Bible“. He provides a detailed insight in effective copy-writing for coverage on web. Peep Laja runs Markitekt, a conversion agency. You cannot sit with your hands folded assuming that your business will be popular. Effective copy-writing is an indispensable part of your startup! the guide covers some essential elements of web copywriting such as,

  • How People Interact With Your Website & Content
  • What are the necessary steps that you should take before you start writing
  • What are the essential steps you should follow in order to write a great copy
  • How to get off to a good start
  • Minimizing fraction and purchase anxiety
  • How to get people to believe to what you write

Price: $49.

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