Cornell NYC Tech is the new face of the emerging NYC tech world


The world’s leading industries are undergoing transformation with the advent of technology. And New York City is the core place where everything tech is happening at a large scale! While you may think having a cup of coffee and interviewing a top-notch company is a mere dream otherwise, Cornell Tech says its possible with them!

“New York City is establishing itself as a new epicenter of the tech world, and Cornell Tech is in the thick of it.”

The Samuel Curtis Johnson graduate school of Cornell University is named in honor of Samuel Curtis Johnson, founder of S.C. Johnson & Son.

Cornell NYC Tech is the planned campus to be constructed on the Roosevelt Island that involves a partnership of Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.


Cornell University and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology won bid to build a campus for applied sciences and technology on Manhattan’s Roosevelt Island in NYC. This competition was introduced by NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to boost entrepreneurship and accelerate the growth of jobs in technology sector. He announced the winning news on December 19, 2011. The first phase of this campus is supposed to be finished by 2017. However, the temporary off-campus were already opened from 2012. In January 2013, classes have started in temporary classrooms that Google has provided in its Chelsea building.


Cornell NYC Tech welcomes students, faculty and partners who are ready to change the world with their mind-boggling ideas! Its an institute that has its root in Innovation. The doors of Cornell NYC Tech are open to all those who have the depth and insight to experiment and push the limits of technology. The entrepreneurial spirits of the students are encouraged and motivated here, so that they can go ahead and change the world for the better. The masters projects of the students are either with an existing company or are a new path leading to the creation of a brand new company! Technical classes combine the fundamentals and practical skills, and students learn from faculty as well as successful practitioners and entrepreneurs.

Cornell NYC Tech explicitly mentions that they are looking to build a community of :

  • Students who are smart and are motivated in digital disciplines and their applications in business.
  • Faculty members who have academic as well as commercial accomplishments to their names.
  • Partner Organizations who will ensure exciting projects for current students and alumni.
  • Established and expert entrepreneurs and practitioners who can share their stories and motivate the next generation.

This school looks to create entrepreneurial technologists. Students and faculty are not restricted to experiment with their ideas because all work together to build awesome entrepreneurs.

Future Campus of Cornell Tech


Cornell NYC Tech is going to become the face of NYC with its future campus on Roosevelt Island. An area of two million square feet will be home to innovation. The construction is to begin in 2014. When Bloomberg had announced about the new campus, Cornell was facing a tough competition from Stanford University. But apparently Stanford had dropped out because it wasn’t ready to invest as much money as Cornell, and it was having some issues in negotiations with Bloomberg’s team. This new campus is supposed to become home to almost 2000 students and 280 faculty members by the year of 2037.

Cornell Tech got richer in 2013!

On April 22, this year, NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg announced at New York City Hall about the $133 million gift by couple Irwin Mark Jacobs’54, founding chairman and CEO emeritus of Qualcomm, and Joan Klein Jacobs’54 to Cornell and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology to build the Joan and Irwin Jacobs Technion-Cornell Innovation Institute (JTCII). The permanent campus for JTCII will be on Roosevelt Island. Cornell President David Skorton thanked the Jacobs at the press conference, not only for the “transformative” gift, but also for their long generous association with Cornell Tech. They are alumni of Cornell and have been a long term supported for Cornell and the Technion. “Irwin Jacobs is a former member of the Cornell University Council, and Joan Jacobs served on the President’s Council of Cornell Women. In recognition of their distinguished service to Cornell, the Jacobses were elected Presidential Councillors in 2005“~ as quoted in Cornell Chronicles.


This year has been even more record breaking for Cornell in terms of fund. News has it that in 2013, Cornell has raised a fund of $627 million making 2013 their best year ever! “Cornell Now“- the fundraising campaign is one step ahead from what they had set as a deadline. The funds record $475 million as cash gifts alone. Charles Phlegar, Vice president for alumni affairs and development have stated that Cornell Annual fund simply broke all records with its raising of $33.3 million fund. The “Cornell Now” campaign had a goal of $4.75 billion of which $4.2 billion came from this year’s donations. The campaign will end in December 2015 by which they are sure to exceed their goal!

2013 has not just been the largest year for donations, Cornell Tech witnessed the largest number of individual donors as well. In a University press release, it was mentioned that more than 51,000 donors came up to give gifts to Cornell. More than 40,000 donors have joined in this year to donate! However, the largest numbers remain to be the $133 million by Jacobs for the Cornell tech campus and another $100 million gift for the Weill Cornell Medical College.

New MBA course- Johnson MBA to start in the fall of 2014


The degree programs at Cornell Tech Institute are perfectly structured and dedicated towards educating budding entrepreneurial technologists. Cornell tech is ready to begin the inaugural classes of a new MBA program- Johnson MBA, focused on design thinking, leading innovation, global venturing, managing technology disruptions and big data opportunities. The inaugural classes will start from 2014 at Google’s New York City building in Chelsea till the first phase of the permanent campus on Roosevelt island is completed in 2017. The first batch of this course will graduate in May 2015. This one year MBA program will enable students to learn to innovate and become leaders, ready to create new businesses and change the world. Applications for this course have begun from August 1, 2013, and students will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Those with a degree of science or technology are perfect for this course. Also, those with work experience, and have a desire to enrich their business knowledge and leadership opportunities are welcome.

The current courses being offered are M.Eng in Computer Science, and M.S. in Information Systems with a specialization in Connective Media. Cornell Tech knows the rules, and they will teach the exactly when to break them! Students are Cornell Tech are expected to be ready to break the age-old rules to build a new world.


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