Top 5 hot picks of this week from the gadget flow


The Gadget Flow spent the last week focusing on gadgets for your homes exclusively. It was a treat to surf through those awesome gadgets. While every week the blog showcases new gadgets, we at StartupsFM have 5 hots gadgets selected to feature every 7 days. We are madly in love with these cool gadgets and can hardly keep our eyes off them! So, here’s this weeks top 5 sizzling hot picks that are simply irresistible.

Kurgo Backseat Pet Barrier


If you have a safety belt for you, how about the same for your dog? Yes, we know you love your dog. That’s why Gadget Flow has come up with Kurgo Backseat Pet Barrier at just $37. This stylish cloth barrier is attached to the back of the front seats blocking the opening between the seats. It makes sure your dog is safe on the seat without having the chance of slobbering all over you from the back! Easy to install, this back seat can be used on everything, starting with compacts to SUVs.

Hi-Jack helmet For Aviation Buffs


Hi-Jack helmet For Aviation Buffs will literally complete your aviation outfit. This Diesel Helmet comes in a grey and black colour combination. A really cool and stylish helmet, this will cost you just $200. It has a fiberglass shell, an anti-scratch visor and internal padding that can be removed to wash!



Its a trouble to manage so many keys at one time, especially when you don’t know where to keep them exactly so that they are not lost! KeyDisk solves the problem to a great extend, allowing you to frame 6 keys in it, as well as hold car alarms/carabiners. Its made out of sandblasted and anodized aluminium, and weighs only 1.2 oz. Its small in size and promises optimal durability. The plates are 1/16″ in width and 2 1/2″ in height. You can easily carry this in your pocket without having the worry pf your pocket sprouting out due to the weights of the keys otherwise! This pocket friendly sleek keydisk comes at a price of $27 only.

Sunyside Egg-Shaper Mould


How about a sunny egg breakfast? Confused? Here’s Sunyside Egg-Shaper Mould that will lure not just children, even the biggies to wait for breakfast time. Its made of silicon that is healthy to use with food. It doesn’t stick to the pan and is easily washable. You crack the egg in the “sunny” area and the egg white flows into the cloud region. What you eat is sunny egg peeping out from white cloud on your plate! A sunny start at $15 is just worth it.

Classic Wooden Dominoes Set


You need not look into your cupboards for cards or other stuffs when you are in mood for some in-house games. Classic Wooden Dominoes Set is a double-six set. Each domino comes with colourful dots. These wooden dominoes have a smooth finish and are eco-friendly. They include a drawstring bag also to keep the dominoes safely stored. You can look up the instruction booklet that comes with the set to know how to play. At $35, you can now start playing a new game!

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