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While the world got busy celebrating third birthday of the most loved photo sharing app Instagram, StartupsFM team fell in love with the upcoming photography magazine “The Photo Journal“. Sydney based startup, The Photo Journal is a product that is trying to bridge the gap between online and print media.

Team-The-Photo-JournalThere are many traditional print media that have shifted to the digital world, but it seems like they could not entirely let go off their baggage from print media. Founder Enrico Susatyo told us “We are in a transition period between print and online publishing. It’s clear to me that people like consuming high quality content that are relevant to them. We provide content that are as good as the print media content, and we package it in a beautiful app.” This app looks promising in providing users with the best digital magazine reading experience at a subscription price of just $0.99/month, with 7 days free trail initially.

The Photo Journal App is different

The Photo Journal app is not the first of its kind as there are many other online photography magazines available on the web. Yet, Enrico decided to go on with this app.

When we asked him about the market and what made him continue with this idea, he told us ” There are a lot of online photography magazines even before I started The Photo Journal. However, most of them still carry a lot of baggage from print media. They don?t allow you to share content over social networks, they write a lot of boilerplate such as table of contents, and they put ads on something that the customer has paid for. With The Photo Journal, I wanted to give the customers very clean and very high quality content. I want to show the customers that they can get magazines for much less price with high quality content“.

An alternative to purchasing photo magazines and books


Every month an issue gets published featuring beautiful places around the world. Its a very affordable magazine for photographers who are travel lovers and enjoy other people’s stories and pictures. There are many photographers who purchase photography magazines on a monthly basis, and also many buy photo books a year. The Photo Journal App can be called an alternative to these magazines and books. Also, there are many photographers who try to publish their pictures in branded magazines. However, not all are successful. The Photo Journal calls upon such awesome photographers to submit their snapshots and share them with thousands of viewers. Although, the payment isn’t that high as a big brand would do, but Enrico says “we do pay you well!


Each issue has a separate photographer assigned to it. However, the team is planning to publish readers’ photos soon. They are constantly in search of awesome photographers. So if you are one, you can contact The Photo Journal team asap!

Why iPad? What?s next?

Since iPad provides the best photographic experience, the team of Photo Journal launched on iPad first. They are preparing to launch on iPhone too. However, as for other platforms, that will have to wait as Enrico tells us “If the demand is there, we are going to develop for other platforms too.” The good part is, readers can enjoy photos from the Twitter and Facebook page of this app.


Overcoming challenges like finding photographers, coding, marketing and so on, The Photo Journal app is all geared up to give readers the best of digital magazine in its time!

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