Treat yourself this new year with our top 5 gadget picks from Gadget Flow


Last week we listed Christmas gifts. What about new year?? This new year how about treating yourself? StartupsFM team brings you this week’s top 5 gadgets from the Gadget Flow that might make your new year just a little bit more amazing than you are planning it to be!

Nava Ora Lattea Watch

If only telling time was the issue we wouldn’t have bothered you, but we know watches add to your style statement. So a brand that will match your exquisite style is Nava Ora Lattea Watch from Nava’s Ora Collection of Luxury watches. The ora Lattea is one of a kind with a leather strap. Its water resistant. The round and white display of the analog is a show stealer with those three black dots of different sizes. The center dot is static while the big one indicates the hour and smaller one shows the minutes.


The manufacturer defines the display as a replica of the solar system with the sun in the center and planets revolving around it. Whatever be the implications, we just couldn’t take our eyes off this watch. Its elegant and its full of style. A watch that is stylish for both men and women is a must buy in this new year. If you are worrying about the price, this stylish thing comes at a price of just $167.

Nollie Flip Stool

Although you wouldn’t be thinking of buying a stool on new year’s eve, but we would still like you to check this out. This is what happens when a Skateboarder and decorator tie the knot! This stool looks like an extended skateboard with the traditional stool’s four legs to support it. Skateboarder Manual Lloréns and decorator Maria Tamarit got married and what we got as a result is Skate-Home and many home furnishing products based on the skateboard theme.


The frame of this stool is made out of maple wood and the product comes in five different colors. You can pick from the walnut finish, white, black, honey-colored and a nomadic model, each coming at a cost of $149 only.

Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal

How nice it looks when your cat wags its tail! ThinkGeek has come up with the Moving Tail Kitty Car Decal set that has two cats named happy and Grumpy. The set however comes with four tails! Now, if the animal theory is to be considered, then dogs wagging tail indicates its happy mood but cats wagging tails means a danger signal.


Thus these decals are meant for rear windshield with a wiper so that it acts as a warning if any one dares to come too close behind you. Its just $10. You can pin your kitty on the rear windshield with the wiper poking out of its rear as the tail. When your wiper moves, you cat’s tail will go swishhhh!

R2-D2 USB Car Charger

ThinkGeek again strikes the right chord with its R2-D2 USB Car Charger. If you are a Star Wars fan, then here’s your perfect car companion keeping you connected to your favorite people even in a long drive. This is a licensed piece of Star Wars merchandise and is definitely a ‘must-have’ for the Jedi Knights. R2-D2 USB Car Charger fits comfortably in your cup holder so that your smartphone or tablet is never out of charge even on long drives.


The amazing part is you can charge up to two smartphones or tablets at the same time. The R2-D2 comes with two USB ports on the front panel just below his light-up eye and rotating head. At $50 only, R2-D2 goes “bloop bloop bleep” which can mean so many things- but we would like to think its having fun while charging your smartphones or tablets.

Breaking Bad Plush Pillow Set

The Breaking Bad logo looks cool on the two 12-inch pillows. One says Br and the other Ba, and they are the exact replica of what you see in green as bromine and barium in the periodic table! Did you just had a flashback of Chemistry days? Well, you needn’t think much on that, we just pulled out a reference. Each pillow is square in shape with pointed edge on all the four corners.


Lets shift from periodic table and tell you what breaking bad actually means- It means raising cain or kicking up a ruckus or something of that sort- TP’ing the neighbor’s home. tipping cow and other such juvenile stunts you can pull off once you are drunk. Here, however you can engage in a pillow fight with no-holds barrel and simply go breaking bad, that too at a price of just $60.

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