World of Women Entrepreneurs – 10 quotes that make our Startup Quote gallery shine


Ask any successful women entrepreneur, and she’ll tell that women who lead startups, or any company for that matter, need to work twice as hard just to prove their worth because it’s never accepted at face value. They’ll also tell you that this makes it harder for the woman in question, but it’s a good thing for the company and its future.

When Marissa Mayer took over as Yahoo! CEO in 2012, she had already proven herself quite capable of holding the reins of a giant search engine. But that didn’t stop anyone from making dire predictions about her and the floundering Yahoo’s dark future. Turns out she does know about running an Internet giant, and Yahoo is now in what can be said to be a stable condition with good chances for a full recovery.

Marissa blazed trails all by herself as Google’s first female engineer and a meteoric rise to become a key executive and spokesperson, followed by the move to Yahoo. But you’re not that alone any more, because there is plenty of support out there. Think as a startup accelerator ready to invest in mobile-first female led startups, or Herahub’s coworking spaces for women entrepreneurs.

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Be that as it may, it still takes a superwoman to launch and run a super-successful venture. How do these women do it, and what’s the most important thing on their minds? Find out what pearls of wisdom high-profile women from Arianna Huffington to Marissa Mayer and Melinda Gates have to offer for today’s up and coming women entrepreneurs.


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